It’s now been over a year since I started filming (blog on that here) and, one of the things I found was how much some doors and opportunities opened up for me as I proved to be reliable.

So, after filming with Merciless Dominas last July, I was invited to the Berlin shoot at the Torture Farm in October 2016. Unfortunately, prior commitments stopped me taking that – however, in the hope an opportunity would come back up, I took the chance in June 2017 – and things probably turned out a lot better this way.

img 3163 - Diary : Berlin Filming for Merciless Dominas and Miss Courtney

It’s one way to teach me….

Miss Courtney is someone I have a lot of praise for and a lot respect for. The first time W/we met was the the July 2016 MD shoot and W/we found W/we got on and worked together well and W/we kept in touch from there.

Between then and now W/we have met a number of times for sessions, filming, coffee or socialising.
She is somebody who I have built a lot of trust for and it feels so good to be around Her, knowing I have, over time, built a place to help and serve Her.

Whilst I was a little bit nervous about this weekend, knowing that it would overall benefit Her, helped overcome this.

W/we met at the airport and travelled through together, in exchange, I made sure I was of as much help as I could be – through running errands in the airport to translating the Sat Nav into English and helping with some of the conversions from kilometers to miles to help with the directions. Although just little things, I want to be helpful and useful – it is the least I can do.

There is three sets of filming happening, Merciless Dominas and Miss Courtney are shooting both weekends for their stores (with some clips on both sites) and Trampled for Fun shooting on the Saturday – I was looking forward to doing something for everyone. There’s also four Mistresses as part of this, Sweetbaby, Miss Flora, Lady Deluxe and of course Miss Courtney and so I’m open to doing things with everyone although a little nervous because neither Sweetbaby nor Lady Deluxe speak English and while I speak a little German, possibly not enough for effective communication.
But, I’m open to opportunities and of course, I won’t lie, it would be nice to do as much as possible and experience as much as possible.

Day 1
dcebdl4waaemqpi - Diary : Berlin Filming for Merciless Dominas and Miss Courtney

being assessed on my foot worship skills…. did I pass the test?

Upon arrival at the farm, it’s nice to see some familiar faces. I already knew Squishy would be one of the other Filming Slaves, we’ve filmed together a few times and get on.
I think on multi-slave shoots it is beneficial if the slaves get along, there’s often down time and hanging around and it goes so much smoother with someone you can converse with.

The first thing I get involved in is some shoots with Miss Courtney, She is organised quite quickly and W/we go along to a barn area at the back with another Film Slave, Moya. They and Miss Courtney met last October and got along well and I end up spending a lot of the weekend with Moya and we also get along well so it’d be very nice to do something again together.

The orginal plan involves a scene with both of us, but there is no camera person available – so we take turns : I take to the camera and film a scene with Miss Courtney and Moya – this is the first time I have ever filmed a BDSM scene, so I really hope I did the scene justice because the interaction and dynamic that oozes off them is so positive.
Over the weekend I film three clips of the two of them and each time is a pleasure, they just bounce off each other!

Moya takes to the camera and I do a whipping scene. It’s quite a little scene which also involves a little bit of forced exercise and so talking afterwards fuels the idea of another scene that afternoon.

I do two trampling scenes also on the first day, the first of which is with Sweetbaby – She is remarkably light, but pretty lethal with Her heels! It’s quite hard to take and I’m interested in seeing that back. The second of which is with Miss Courtney – it’s a School Room setting, She manages to push me a little bit also with what I can normally take – which – like I say, I’m really glad She did as I hope it will make Her look good on camera and I’m happy to put trust in Her.

snapshot 1 20 06 2017 17 19 - Diary : Berlin Filming for Merciless Dominas and Miss Courtney

still from ‘The Camp’

So, the other think I was involved in, multi slave (5 in total) and Multi Mistress (Miss Courtney, Miss Flora and Lady Deluxe) in a Boot Camp clip, which involves a little bit of Sploshing… and, umm… you know… I hope this comes out well, I really do – because I’ll feel terrible because it was kind of my idea, but I guess at the worst, it was such a good laugh!

At the end of the first day, there is a barbeque and some drinks before we head off back to the hotel.

I’d half hoped to do more scenes, but, I’m very happy with the ones I was involved in and there’s a plan to start earlier on the Sunday – the best news is that my body is capable of doing more.

Day 2

Although time starts to run away a bit over breakfast, W/we arrive sharp and with a plan, as Miss Courtney picks out one of the other slaves She had wanted to shoot with and he disappears for a long beating, while I help Merciless by recording a trampling and stomping scene with Sweetbaby and Squishy.
When Miss Courtney returns, I help film some scenes in the bar with a slave whose name I didn’t get (well, I did, but it was his real name rather than a username – so…) and then help Her film a scene with Squishy and then it’s my turn for a scene next…
W/we head up to the Medical Room and some ideas are flowing which involves three one-on-one scenes with Miss Courtney and a different slave and then a Foot Worship scene with all three slaves.

snapshot 2 20 06 2017 17 29 - Diary : Berlin Filming for Merciless Dominas and Miss Courtney

Still from ‘Danke Miss Flora 2’

I’m really keen to do a scene with Miss Flora, W/we had been talking throughout the weekend and had got on and so W/we both wanted to do a scene together – and – well, I am really pleased with how it’s come out. It is such a good clip, it will be called ‘Danke Miss Flora 2’ – so please keep an eye on the Merciless Dominas website and clip store for it. She looks so good in it and it’s a good clip, sexy and powerful.

By this time, there is one slave who has been waiting all day for a needle scene. This needed both Miss Courtney and Miss Flora.  By this time, Sweetbaby and Lady Deluxe are leaving.  So, there isn’t really time for any more scenes. I did catch the ending of this slaves scene, which I think it was a spectacular finish to an amazing weekend.

So, in total I got to do 7 scenes. While I wouldn’t have minded doing more I’m certainly happy with my involvement. There were quite a few slaves all up for scenes and I was very happy that I was able to be helpful to Miss Courtney throughout the weekend.

To step back a bit, there’s things this weekend was and things it was not. You might see advertised some of the Domme Holidays which is basically a holiday where you are in full servitude to the Mistress… and no, it wasn’t like that.
I also wouldn’t recommend a weekend like this to anyone who hasn’t filmed before. In ways, not being able to make October worked out well for me.  In that time I have got to know Miss Courtney better, increased my experience on film and generally learnt more about what to expect. While I’m sure I’ve room for improvement (there’s ALWAYS room for improvement) it meant I didn’t get into any situations I was unsure about. I was able to be helpful and accomodate and again be versatile to what was needed.

All told a great weekend – this saw my 43rd clip be filmed and 12 of those are with Miss Courtney.
For the sake of milestones, I’m pleased that my 40th clip was also the 10th with Miss Courtney and that was the school room Trampling scene.

That clip has already been editted and is available here.

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