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Myths about Male Submissives

If you google “myths about submission” the vast majority of results that come back are bias towards submissive women.

And this is valid, and a lot of points are completely transferable, but – all too often I see myths that a lot of submissive men feel about themselves, or feel they have to live up to, or that they face.

Clip Site Incentives Would Be Nicer without Hoop Jumping

We’re a week into the clips4sale “120%” commission incentive… it’s LoyalFans 100% day… ManyVids launches another contest… and iWantClips are probably doing something.

And these incentives, tags, themes, initiaves, games, well…

Of course. It’s always nice to get extra in pay-packets. But wouldn’t it be even nicer if there was proper uplift without hoop jumping?

There’s a lot I get, and a lot of pros and cons of some of these.

All About Traffic

First off, what the sites want is you promoting them. You giving them traffic. You turning them into a brand people trust.
But the most precious thing you can give them is still… content. read more

Bet Your Orgasm (Fiction)

Mistress’s words were the only thing her sub heard, as he was under hypnosis. Her voice was soft and clear, like a whisper echoing in the dungeon. The only other sound came from the atmospheric electronic music that played in the background.

Her hot breath touched his ear, sending shivers down his spine as she spoke.

“I have a series of questions for you, it’s important you answer each one honestly”

The sub lay there, obedient but nervous.  Despite the mild hypnosis he was still very aware of his surroundings and was nervous as to what she had in store for him.

The Pros (and Cons) of Munches

As someone who has often previously been an advocate on the whole “come to munches” thing, and of course run a munch (which you should totally come to) there’s a lot where my mind has changed a little bit over time.

I mean, I have thought that “come to a munch” has sometimes been a bit trigger happy especially if, say, it’s a guy who’s being send inappropriate messages online and then moaning “but this is a sex site”. That going to a munch isn’t really in their best interests – nor – of those who he has been sexually harassing. read more

Deposits – Why they’re needed and a FAQ

For assorted reasons there’s a lot of chatter recently on deposits, why we pay them, when they’re refundable and, more.

So here is a quick guide.


And now you do. Times change.
Read on and I’m sure you’ll get some incite.


You will make initial contact with a provider via their preferred method.  You might have a date/time in mind. You might be a bit more open. You probably have a rough idea what you want to do.

When this is agreed you pay the deposit.


Different providers have different rules. Some are fixed rate, but typically it’s 50% of the session cost.
They will give you a preferred method of tribute. Usually by bank transfer, but sometimes via a gift card. read more

The Myth of ‘The Submissive is Really in Control’

One of the myths that always pops up is “the submissive is the one really in control”

Granted. The submissive has more control than credit is sometimes given for but to say they have overall control is both inaccurate and, frankly, dangerous.

For the sake of this post I am going to use Dominant as a catch all for terms such as “Top”, “Service Top”, “Sadist”, “Rigger”, etc because the logic is the same – and submissive again as a catch all covering “bottom”, “masochist”, etc. read more

Life Updates – Lack of Blogs

Not to say I’ve been slow in updating my blog recently. But, I’ve been slow at updating my blog recently.

In 2023 so far there have been 5 published blogs, this makes number 6, so around one a month. A far cry from when I was doing circa 40 a year.

So what changed, and what has been happening?

Better Pissed On than Pissed Off – Experience in Water Sports

I can’t remember, specifically, when I first fantasised about watersports.

I guess I was late teens.

I know it was something I raised with my first wife but it wasn’t something which interested her or subsequent partners. Sometimes, for different reasons.

For example: I have done some play with Valleycat, but, they have a nervous bladder so most things are not going to work.

2013, aged 32, I joined my local kink community. Started attending munches and events. I did, very quickly get into situations where I was doing a lot of play with folk and had made a lot of friends.

Despite this, even 2 years later I found it difficult asking about specific things, including piss play, when not knowing if folk were into it or not.

Worst Orgasms – My Top 5 Least Enjoyable Orgasms

Everyone loves orgasms, right?  I know I really do enjoy a lovely explosive cum shot.

But, over the years – especially in filming – I seem to have found myself in a few situation that weren’t really the pleasantry they should be.

While there have certainly been more than 5, here are 5 key moments in my unenjoyable orgasms

Are ‘filming tributes’ fair?

A somewhat hot topic recently has been around ‘filming tributes’ and how right or fair they are.

Often the fee/payment to see a Pro-Domme or engage in some form of online (or other play) is known as the ‘tribute’.  With many also doing filming to some degree, in many cases the subs are contributing a ‘film tribute’.  The guys are paying to be there. To star in a video which is going to make the Domme money.

Many people do not feel this is fair.

Here is my insight.

Diary : January Filming – feat Goddess Cleo, Miss Jessica Hyde, Foxtress and Mx Valleycat

It’s been a lot longer than planned since I last did a diary post!  So many adventures which haven’t fully gone documented, which feels a shame.

So, here are two for the price of one. January 2023 I managed two long, full, film days.

One of the covid-casualties was a gig I had been going to go to with Mx Valleycat. Heilung. I think it was rescheduled three times in the end, and then a late venue shift!

What is the Difference Between a Kink and a Fetish?

One of the most common newbie questions on forums is “What is the difference between a kink and a fetish”

Someone might do a copy/paste from a website of some definitions. Another person sees this as an opportunity to lay out the “one true definition” as a way to gatekeep everything. Intentionally or otherwise.

So, it’s true that the two have meanings, but they’ve become rather interchangeable.

As well as being interchangeable, some of their more strict definitions also ignore those who enjoy kink activities without a want of any form of sexual element.

However, this post does have a slight sexual bias.

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