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Agony Aunt

I’m Afraid to tell my Domme that my Circumstances Changed

Another agony aunt topic which I’ve taken from a paraphrased version of a very common topic.

This time about when a subs circumstances have changed.

“I have been in service to a Domme who works Professionally.  Due to a change in my circumstances I can no longer afford to see her as often as either I would like, or that we had previously agreed.
The change in my circumstances has me very worried, and I don’t know how long this will last for.
I’ve seen many posts about how useless broke subs are.  I am worried about letting her down.  I am worried that if we have to take a break that she will replace me.
What should I do?”read more

My Domme failed to meet for the session I’d paid for. What can I do?

This was a specific email I’d been sent for advice on a scenario.

I’m sure many have possibly had the same hypothetic concern, or, similar may have happened to them.   This is my take.

The query relates to a session that’s been paid for in advance, failing to happen.  What can the sub do?

My Partner Said No to My Fetish – How Do I Change Her Mind?

A couple of messages (some of specific scenarios, some generally being a form of FAQ) has led me to start a new Agony Aunt category.

Consider that my advice is based solely on my experience.

I want to start with an extremely common question I’ve heard/answered which I’ve paraphrased below.

“I have told my wife/girlfriend/partner about my fetish/fantasy.   Unfortunately, they have said no – they won’t do/try this with me.  How can I get them to do this for/with me?”

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