Everyone loves orgasms, right?  I know I really do enjoy a lovely explosive cum shot.

But, over the years – especially in filming – I seem to have found myself in a few situation that weren’t really the pleasantry they should be.

While there have certainly been more than 5, here are 5 key moments in my unenjoyable orgasms

5) Goddess Ezada/ Princess Aurora

To put this at number 5 makes it seem like it was tame, when the truth is it was anything but. Perhaps a different maker was that I didn’t know what was coming.

This was the last clip in a film day and there’d been other teasing and edging.  This starts pretty cruelly as we jump straight into it from a pegging clip and when I don’t get hard in, around, 3 seconds – Goddess Ezada slaps on a venus milking machine.

What follows is 20 minutes of intense edging from Goddess Ezada and Princess Aurora.  This gets closer and closer and I know, especially with everything that’s come before, there’s going to be a huge explosion.  And then there isn’t.
With some reflex timing, the orgasm is ruined – making an unsatisfactory mess. And this is my first time being ruined so I have a “what the fuck just happened” moment and am stilling gasping with shock when the condom is emptied into my mouth.

Watch My Suffering Here

4) Cate McQueen/Mx Valleycat

While the previous was in my early days of filming. This was more recent and, by no means, any better.
I was to be gagged with a sweaty sock.  Another sweaty sock placed on my cock, and then teased with a Doxy on both a high, and horrible, setting. Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat found the worst setting possible.
The edging was fairly horrible and also there was this whole concept that I found deeply humiliating.

Again, some fast reflexes caused the orgasm to be ruined and I filled up the sweaty sock with a thick mess.  And, yep, it’s then swapped with the sock gagging me and planted, cum first, into my mouth.

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3) Roxy-Fox/Araneae

This one was more about the fear.  I was on a fetters wheel and edged, and turned upside down.  When upside down there was the fear, of course, that when things were released it was going to plant, slap, straight down in my face.

Araneae and Roxy-Fox laugh as I change my mind about wanting an orgasm, “well what if we want you to cum?”

In this case it mostly missed. But of course, could be scrapped up off the floor and fed to me anyway.  Oh dear.

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2) Mistress Evilyne

Of the 5, this is the only time not filmed. Also not the only time anyone has been cruel privately.
This was the edge of orgasm game and one of the first proper times milking.
2 hours in a vac bed, whether I cum or not.  Very few make it the full 2 hours and win the game. Some lose on 5 minutes and have a torrid time ahead.
80 minutes before I couldn’t help myself. The orgasm itself wasn’t overly unpleasant, but the following 40 minutes of milking, and subsequent ejaculations, were. Every time.

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1) Diana Von Rigg / Miss Lady Louisa

Try the slubb, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Diana Von Rigg actually laughed when I said I’d volunteer for the scene, while Miss Lady Louisa had a grin of knowing what was coming next.

The aim was somehow NOT to orgasm despite having a power tool on my cock.  I was pretty much crying before the painful leak, and of course, they carried on for good measure.

I was so exhausted and in pain when I was dropped down, I was helpless to escape being face first in a mess of lube and cum.

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