I tend not to do week-in-the-life of kinda posts.  I mean, there’s often things happen or things on my mind most weeks.  But still.

Anyway, the past week or so has been really positive in many aspects of my life.

For assorted reasons I need to gloss over some of the detail – among many reasons being cautious about leaving too many dots to join up.

So, the week began with news I’d been offered a new job.   Same kinda work as I do, at a different company.  There’s obviously benefits to this change including opportunity to learn new things and, something I’ve not had in 10 years, annual pay reviews.

An opportunity to improve myself, prove myself and be rewarded in doing so.  Ha, pretty much what I like from BDSM 😉

I may have a couple of months where I’m finding my feet and testing the water, so, a bit uncertain at first but I’m sure we’ll get there.

Moving onto the weekend, Friday I went down to London to film with Miss Courtney at Hoxton Dungeon Suite – and it was wonderful to also meet up with some other sub-guys I’ve not seen in a while and also amazing that Madam Cruella came to join us.  Truly the stuff of dreams 🙂

I was part of four scenes, which I’m hoping came out OK.  There was a couple of first times for me also.

I kinda felt a bit woefully out of practice – although I think the heat didn’t help.  It was a very warm day and quite uncomfortable.

For assorted reasons I’ve not been able to routinely ‘play’ anywhere near as often as I’d like. Mostly a mixture of losing one of our key local events last August and not having the revenue so much to session (which I’ll come onto in a bit).

But, like I say it was a good day and hopefully I’m just worrying unnecessarily and everything has come out fab.

I actually do know when I’ll next ‘play’, because it’s filming in Berlin very soon… (weekend after next)

Saturday was a very good day, the School of Corrections event in the afternoon.  I won’t talk about it too much on here because too many people to run past. For those who didn’t know this is a quarterly school event where I’m one of the disciplinarians to the unruly students.  Saturday evening was a more kinky social gathering, not really a play party,  but there was play gone on. This included me being interrogated with some “forced” foot worship and ball punching.  Ouch.

Sunday, I put on my other hat as I had a music event I was running on, which was absolutely fantastic and wonderfully well attended.

The other good news I’ve had in this time is some inheritance money has finally cleared.  Now, I hate talking money (mostly cos I feel I sound like “I’m so poor, woe is me”) but this has allowed me to clear a pretty nasty debt.

There’s also a little bit left over to finally be able to sort a honeymoon (I got married last November).  This also means for the first time in months, with the debt cleared and the new job, I’ll actually have some disposable income – so can start to think about sessioning again.

I’ve had to be quite frugal and almost justify everything I’ve done recently, which is why I’ve only actually had one session this year and a couple of slots of filming.

While I may have to be cautious with midweek stuff with the new job – hopefully I’ll be able to get about a bit more often.  I won’t lie, there’s at least one Mistress I am *desperate* to meet again and so the other side of Berlin I’m going to see what I can plan…

I’m feeling optimistic…