It’s been a year today since I first filmed a clip as a filming slave.

I have been sitting on a draft about filming, in general for many months – and now seems a good time to do a final version of it 🙂

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1 year ago today….

When I started, I felt it’d be something fun to do. But, a year later my attitude is changed a little bit. For the better.

So, it is fun. But, that’s a perk of it. There are many perks of it. But, the motivation is usually to help promote a Mistress I like.

I mean, to my knowledge there isn’t anyone actively filming in my area – so – taking the time and cost to jump on a train somewhere, I’m more inclined if it’s someone or something that particularly interests me.

I wouldn’t get on a train and spend a day away for the sake of it. Benefiting someone I like and/or being sure if an amazing time is definitely more my thing.

But think of it like anything. If you suddenly got a private message from someone wishing to discuss play with you, the automatic response isn’t “yes” – it has to be someone who interests you and I mean that either side of the slash.

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Above average…

So. Over the past year I’ve filmed 32 scenes. I think. I’ve not seen them all and I don’t know if any were split or merged or if any couldn’t be used.

So, the first time I filmed was actually 4 or 5 clips but then merged into one 20 minute one – so I count that as 1.

Anyway. Here’s some things I’ve learned, tid bits, whatever.

– Although I very much enjoyed the first time I filmed, a big factor of it was to see if I would find it distracting being filmed. I didn’t. If there’s any crew I’m aware I’m being watched, but that side feels not much different than in a public event. But the camera isn’t off-putting.
– The first time filming was in a Travelodge, it’s unmistakable. I won’t say which one. It’s not local though. Every other time has been in a dungeon.
– Incidentally, I’ve not yet filmed in the same location twice

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The most fun to be had in CBT

– The “definitely above average” joke I sometimes make comes from my second time filming – which was for Merciless Dominas. Now, I was nearly crying when the camera was turned off as I thought I’d been terrible, not realising I’d actually took a hard beating for 20 minutes. To try to reassure me I’d done well, Miss Courtney (who wasn’t in the scene, she was just helping me up) said to Lars (the director) “That’s got to be one of your best selling scenes right there, right?” and he, not quite realising Courtney was trying to convince me I’d done well, just replied “Well, it’s definitely above average”.

– I learnt that day that filming is often a bit more intense than a private scene.
– And, yeah, my communication should have been better. It was too much for me at that point. Thankfully, I’m better now at communicating.
– Filming is not a private session. The purpose is ultimately to get a clip that will sell and/or promote the Mistress/website/company well.

– I have met some wonderful people. Many often by chance.
– Although you can (and should, if needed) safeword in filming – the only times I have is when playing to safeword : this isn’t because I’m super amazing, but the skill of the Mistress and Her ability to read me and/or apply sense.
– Apparently I’m good to film with. Hooray.

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Not sure if I’m going anywhere for a while…

– I hate talking favourites, because I’m genuinely grateful to anything I’ve been involved with – but – some of the things I think I enjoyed the best have been things I didn’t expect so much.
– Top of my wishlist of things to film is quite general, just a direct sequel to a previous clip.
– But a strong second isn’t really BDSM (although, could have a BDSM ending) it’s basically a bad porn parody (no sex involved) you know, it starts with offering alternative ways to pay for the pizza.

– Apparently my interests are wide and versatile. I’m not always so sure, but, I guess I can imagine guys approaching with one specific thing they’d like to do : my approach is more that it’s not about me, so, here is what I can do… although being able to do some of my favourite activities is appreciated.
– Some clips go up faster than others and that’s fine, but there’s some I’m anxiously waiting to see.

– I prefer to be unmasked unless it’s part of the scene. I do, however, appreciate there being a mask available should I really feel I need one. Just like a safety net. The aim isn’t to fall onto it, but it’s nice to be able to have the protection if needed.
– For anyone thinking of getting into it, do not take this lightly. It’s not a private session. Pain clips can be a little harsher. There’s a lot of stopping and starting and set up, a lot less flow.

– A pet peeve of mine is guys who moan about Mistresses who request a filming tribute. Now. I hate talking about money, but… the majority of shoots I’ve been on have carried no tribute. Granted, I would be disappointed if I couldn’t afford to do something I wished to, but if you’re actively moaning about a tribute then you weren’t that interested in the first place.
– Actually, timewasters and no-shows as well. Even if no-shows have scored me extra film slots. Because it still annoys me because it’d all be easier if people were reliable.

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I adore how good Miss Suzanna looks in this picture

So there we go. Going forward, a lot of exciting ideas have been discussed but some dates not in… and exciting things discussed which are about sorted I’d rather talk about if/when they happen. Although… I have just booked a hotel in Berlin…
I’m genuinely very flattered and humbled by this. I’ve come so far since the first clip and have met some truly amazing people.
Thank You all.

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