I am now able to offer a range of services regarding Clip Filming, Editting and Web Hosting.

I’ve spoken to various women who are interested in filming, but have found the whole all-round work and time too restrictive.

This is something I can assist with.

Likewise, there are many newcomers who lack a website – and again these can be a lot of work, time and expense.

If you wish to discuss any of these with me – please email me : blog@eyemblacksheep.com

Here is a run down of some of the services I can offer.


I can effectively run most of the functions of your clip stores for you.

This includes, uploading clips, writing descriptions, scheduling, selecting categories, adding keywords, using inbuilt mailing lists, and using in built tools to create preview gifs/clips/images.  (I can do bespoke also, but this takes more time so is sometimes less cost-effective)

We can work together to look at ways to maximise sales and find what sort of content works well for you.


I can turn up with my camera equipment (and lights if needed) and film your content.
The camera I am currently using is a Panasonic 4k.
I can then either arrange for you to have copies of the raw content, practically immediately and/or go away and edit and return your clips.
If you wish I can also be a filming slave, but, you may already have others in mind, I’m good either way.
If you need somewhere to film, as well has having a few places in mind – if you can come to me, there is a studio here I recommend suitable for both domestic and dungeon settings.


Even if I didn’t film your clips, I can edit for you. Perhaps you have a stash you’ve filmed in the past you’ve just not had the time to edit – or even just something produced recently.
As well as editing the clip, additional things I can do include watermarking, adding a title and/or credits.
I can also create a gif preview and/or short trailer for any clips whether I have edited them or if they already exist.
I can even help with writing a clip description.


Although I overall lack photoshop skills, I can watermark your photos.
This can either be with an existing mark you have, or something basic I design for you.
Many people have had problems with their photos being stolen, either by catfish, pirates or whoever – at least if there’s a watermark on them it can show people who the photos belong to.


In general I work at £15 per hour, plus expenses, although this is something I am reviewing.   To give an idea this usually works out at around £5 per clip for editing.


Due to working a day job I’m typically only available on weekends, but, this may have flexibility based on location etc.


I reckon if most people did a shout out to see if anyone was available to do most of the above – they’d be inundated with requests.
However. There’s no guarantee on quality.
We’ve all seen clips where the camera person misses key moments. We’ve seen websites that look unprofessional. There’s subs who’ve offered to edit clips whose interest has merely been in free porn and they’re now desperately trying to download some cracked software.
Another problem, if a sub offers to, say, run your website or manage your clip store “for free”, what do they actually expect in return and will this complicate things if your relationship breaks down?
Completely fair if you’ve someone loyal, trustworthy and long term.

I understand Femdom and have filmed many times. I have been privileged enough to have worked with some of the top Dominants within the UK (and beyond!) so understand, or can understand, your needs.

Clips sat around needing editing are not making you money.
Having a good preview, trailer and good description can help increase your sales.

If this interests you, or you’d like to discuss more, please email me : blog@eyemblacksheep.com


To give an idea, some I’ve assisted in the past

Domestic Femdom – my own store
Miss Courtney – Camera Person
Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Camera Person / Clip Editing
Sir Claire Black – Camera Person / Clip Editing
Mxtress Valleycat – Camera Person / Clip Editing / Web Design / Web Hosting