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A Taste of Heaven

“I’ll pre-warn you, my feet are sweaty”

Oh. Good.

This didn’t bother me. She knew it didn’t bother me. It was said to excite me.

But, in saying this before I removed Her boots… this did present a challenge.

Slave Training Trial (fiction)

“OK, then,” She replied, “I will give you a trial”

He could hardly believe his luck as he began to read the email response.

“Many of My terms are non-negotionable, You will report to My dungeon at 7pm tomorrow to begin your training”

The Magic Words

From the archives… based on something from January 2016. Originally published on Fetlife. I do have a footnote….
Here goes…

I lay sprawled across the spanking bench, exhausted.

Secret Santa (Fiction)

Office Secret Santa’s, they’re a kind of enforced fun, I guess. I partake annually and usually receive chocolates or a stationery set or something – my co-workers seem to receive a mixture of similarly bland gifts, but the odd interesting novelty gift. I always try to make an effort on gifts.

The young lady whose name I drew this year seems thrilled with the book I got her from the TV series she never seems to shut up about. So, that’s nice.

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