Obviously this is a kinda follow-on from my very popular, ‘So you want to be a film slave’ blog which I also feel is also essential to read.

Certainly a lot of points I will have missed is because they are in there.

From the top.  I’m again getting a sharp rise in folk asking about “getting in” to filming.
I’m not sure if they’ve looked at what is happening in the wider society and think some of this doesn’t apply to or affect the adult industry.  *But it does*

I believe that the lockdown and restrictions has had people either rue missed opportunities (there’s a lesson in there!) or perhaps felt this is where their biggest chance of getting kink going “when things resume” is.



Firstly in general there are four ways that subs end up in Femdom photography and films.

(1) They are known to the Mistress or Producer.

Quite simply, perhaps someone needs a sub for a photo or video shoot and so their first priority is those they know.   This can both be as a form of reward, or treat, for loyalty. Or, simply, they know the person involved is reliable.  Reliable doesn’t just mean “shows up” but knows what is expected of them.

(2) They are known within the industry

There are a handful of known film slaves.  I don’t know about everyone’s inbox.  Mine isn’t exactly bursting with invitations but, over the years, I have had a fair few cases where someone has invited me, this was becoming more frequent pre-covid.

(3) They applied to a casting

Someone put out a casting for film subs. Either on a website, fetlife, twitter, wherever.  The sub applied.
Sometimes this comes with a form of film tribute, something I know which divides opinion at times.  But that is certainly an entry if you are unknown until you can move yourself into examples one or two.

(4) They are actually also the producer

There are a few studios, even Femdom, where the producer is male and often stars themselves as a film sub.
This doesn’t always mean their studios are closed to other would be film subs.

Of course, there are some who have cottoned on to this over the years and decided they want to be a producer.
Honestly, if you are an unknown producer then people are going to be cautious about working with you. Especially if you’re also going to be performing.  There’s stuff you can learn from this blog and others – but moving into production is another post entirely.


Most of the Dominants make the bulk of their income from real time sessions.
Many have had to move to online work which has included cam, subscription sites, or making POV clips (or, in some cases, clips with those they live with – partners etc)
This obviously has a negative effect.  But, think about it – if they are now better off; there is no need to offer sessions or filming days to a stranger at all.

Some of the studios have been creative.  Whilst many have had a backlog of clips anyway, some have gone on hold, some have looked at different ideas including cam-to-cam shoots or POVs.

Obviously there’s a little bit more incentive for the studios to start filming again.  But there are measures of safety they would need to consider.


If someone shows symptoms of covid19 the current procedure is to self isolate for 14 days.
Whilst an unknown film slave has very little to lose if they get symptoms, a Pro Domme, producer or camera person would then have to cancel two weeks of work.

It’s therefore important that everyone coming in to film is taking their own health very seriously for the health of those around them.

Whilst they can maybe return home and then tell their boss they have symptoms and have to work from home for 2 weeks; this is a big blow to someone whose income comes from adult work.


Trust is very important anyway.  But, I think there has to be an extra level that the people involved in film can all be trusted.

Trusted to make it known if they have or had symptoms.  Trusted to reach out if they later get symptoms.  That you can be trusted to be happy to undergo a spot check on arrival. And also trusted to not take offence if this returns positive and they’re asked to leave.  Trusted to not be an arse or entitled if the shoot is cancelled due to someone else getting symptoms.  Trusted not to be pushy for activities that have been ruled out by those involved due to perceived risk.  Also trust that they won’t cause “drama” should they later get symptoms that may have come from the film day.


If a Dominant has a session then they are paid there and then.  This covers the dungeon hire and overheads and they have access to the money immediately.

A film day is a day where the Dominant loses income due to not being able to cam or session.  They would still have overheads including premises hire.
There’s then the time to edit and upload and admin.  Which is also a time where other income generation is not possible.

That even then when clips are listed for sale, there is no certainty how well they will sell.  That only a fraction of the sale cost is received and that there is a wait for payment to be received.

So I imagine that for many people that sessions would be priority over filming days.
Whilst this has always been the case, at a time when many incomes need to recover; I don’t anticipate filming to be a top priority.


I’ve spoken on other blogs that one of the best things to potentially do if you are a sub is to show and use support.
You can see what has happened to the industry and this is a chance to help make a good impression.

On one hand…
If someone has a choice between two unknown subs and one has been supporting them throughout the pandemic and the other has not, then who does it look more favourable towards?

On another…
Simply, if you wish to benefit from the industry (because being a filming slave is a benefit, even if you pay a film tribute it’s still heavily subsidised) then putting in to the industry shows you are serious.
If you want to film with a certain Dominant or a certain studio then it’s worth purchasing their content just to make sure they are the right people to work with.


“I bought your clips; you owe me filming” is entitlement.  Ditto for any other support you offered.
This might sound “support now and you MIGHT be considered in the future – but we don’t know how far in the future” but the reality is actually you are supporting someone you like.

Whilst they might not be able to directly offer you filming; if they feel you are serious and genuine then there might be other help or advice they can offer.
But certainly, there’s every chance they would (return to) film in the future.


Whilst there are requirements in ‘mainstream’ porn, it is very rare that evidence of sexual health tests occurs within a lot of amateur fetish filming.
I say this as someone with 4 years experience who gets certifications and have very rarely been asked for them.
Certificates are usually required less in fetish filming.  But I think this is a good habit to get into if you are interested and, also, people may need to up standards on who can film with them. See above points on trust.

Right now, a lot of the clinics are closed – a home testing kit would be good for peace of mind and also to get a practice of what the tests are.

If you are not happy placing a swab up your arsehole then you definitely won’t be happy doing strap on!

I would like to see this more normalised in fetish filming.  Especially at a time when we are urged to take public health more seriously.

Whilst obviously some scenes are higher risk than others – taking responsibility for your health is very important.


Some studios and Dominants will return to filming quicker than others.
Some will be seemingly inconsistent with boundaries.  Perhaps you wanted to do a spitting scene but they’ll only spit on someone they know.  Perhaps someone else spat on you on a previous filming day so you don’t know why this person feels it’s unsafe.

This is something you should really do anyway if you wish to film.  But, more than ever, there will be boundaries that may seem inconsistent.

Of course, opportunities may well exist in the future if you respect these.
Arguing or coercing against them is likely to close a lot of doors.


Going back to something I said in the opening paragraph.  I think a lot of people have regretted missed chances before the lockdowns and are determined to “get into it” as soon as possible “when things are released”.I am trying to paint the reality here that it is going to be rather difficult if you are unknown.

Shoots are likely to be smaller for a while.  Shoots with film tributes or deposits might become common.  Some of the standards and criteria may well be raised.
But, like a lot of things.  If this is something you do genuinely want to “get into” then it represents an opportunity.

You are not “missing out” because nobody is really filming at the moment.  So you can use some of this time to research who might be realistic to film with and who would be a good match.
But as said above. This is a good opportunity for a time to start making a good impression.   Remember, you are not “doing someone a favour” being their filming slave, they are doing you a favour giving you an opportunity.It’s advisable to demonstrate you’re worth an opportunity. That works best when helping where it’s needed most.