I returned to the BDSM scene in 2013 and have been very active since.

I find labels useful but restrictive.  On one hand you could call me a switch, or other general interests could put me as a kinkster. It’s difficult.

Being a switch can be different for different people.  I am usually Dominant towards my life partner, but also topped others – whilst I enjoy submissive/bottom play with other people also.  I am not presently a s-type in a relationship, this is possible although I am not actively seeking – just taking experiences as they come.

I have been involved as a filming slave since 2016 and will post details of many that are available to purchase on my blog.  I am very proud such amazing Women wished to work with me.  I am grateful for all the opportunities that have opened.

My experience also continues to running the Sunderland Munch and also involved as a DJ at fet events including Liber8.

Many posts on here are also published on fetlife, however, for assorted reasons some are exclusive to one or the other.

The purpose of this blog was to share with people who choose not to use fetlife for assorted reasons.

I write a lot about my experiences and opportunities.  I never ‘out’ anybody nor talk in detail about things which should remain private.