After a really good weekend at the Hidden Torturer Farm last year, it was certainly a no-brainer to repeat the opportunity. (Read here for last years adventures).

Like previously, I was going with a view to be of assistance to Miss Courtney. However, a twist in the plot was that Miss Suzanna, whom I also have an amazing relationship with, was attending.

0515 RfB 300x169 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

Just splashing around

Now on paper, this is obviously amazing – the two of the Mistresses I enjoy the best relationship with, alongside opportunities with other amazing ladies (the full line-up contained seven Mistresses, completed with Miss Rebekka Raynor, Nikky French, Miss Flora, Sweetbaby and Lady Deluxe). However in reality this had me quite nervous.
But NOT for the reasons you might expect…

I do have a terrible habit of overthinking things and don’t wish to let anyone down – so perhaps you can see the potential split dilema.
Despite, of course, reassurances this would be fine.

Did things play out to be fine, well… read on…

So it begins…

MistressNikkyFrenchRebekkarRaynorSlaves 300x222 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

Smoking break… Photo credit devilsworkphotographyx

Things don’t get off to the best of starts.
Problems with local buses has me worried about missing my train, problems with the train has me worried about catching the next train – and despite being sat on the plane on time, it ends up departing nearly 2 hours late.

So, arriving late and stressed on the evening, not the best of starts.
Whilst it’s a great opportunity to catch up with Miss Courtney, whom I haven’t seen since October, a little less stress would have been nice. Ha. But what is really nice is that W/we seemlessly pick up where W/we left off. It’s like it was only days since W/we last met.

At the hotel, there are a little group of 5 of us. Miss Suzanna is also staying with Her longest serving slave, Mushroom – and also Miss Courtney has a driving slave.

W/we all meet over breakfast and start the basis of a plan. After filling up on delicious German breakfast, it’s a trip to the Hidden Torture Farm via the supermarket for some supplies.

Day 1
0950 Jn4 300x169 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

Just going to the farm with some friends

When W/we arrive – filming hasn’t yet started, so Miss Courtney grabs Presley, from Trampling for Fun alongside another slave and shoot a bunch of trampling clips in the medical room.

My scene is a barefoot one – and although I’ve done a bunch of trampling clips in the past with Miss Courtney, it’s the first time W/we have done a barefoot trampling scene together.

Still easing together nicely – a whipping/flogging scene is organised with a line of slaves, each picking the implement they’re to be beaten with.
Mine stung a little more than expected. But, it does give me a little thirst for more.

Miss Courtney and Miss Suzanna are setting up for a double whipping scene with one of the slaves who can take quite a lot, it’s a good fun scene – I ask, y’know, given they’re ready and all the whips are out – if they would consider whipping me next…

By a genuine and beautiful coincidence, that’s the 20th scene I’ve done with Miss Courtney. It’s the 16th with Miss Suzanna. Although I’m struck with a range of implements, some of which I’ve been struck with in the past – including a beautiful single tail… it serves as a good time for my first time taking a bullwhip.

Don’t try this at home…
0055 Jn4 300x169 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

all this whipping requires a sit down!

Under normal circumstances I would say don’t do something like this for your first time on camera. But, nothing could go wrong.
I’m with two people I trust dearly. They can both judge and read me well and know when I need a moment and when I really need a moment.
Some of the strikes with the bullwhip are just pure beauty. I bolt upright so I can savour the buzz in my body.

The last scene I’m involved in of the day is probably quite a long one. It’s a multi-Mistress party so there’s 5 Mistresses and 7 slaves. There’s all sorts going on; trampling, boot worship, spitting, strap-on worship, cock sucking (slave on slave) and a finale of some racing.

It’s also my first time doing anything with Mistress Rebekka (who uses me for a bit during the scene) and Miss Nikky (who picks me as a horse to ride… which does start quite well until I try to cheat and throw Her at the wall. Today’s tip ladies, gentleman, and others, don’t throw French Dominatrixes at the wall).

This pretty much ends the filming side, so a little bit social time before retreating for some good food.
Especially as someone ate my lunch!

Day 2
BlackSheepFootWorship v1 300x197 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

Photo credit : devilsworkphotographyx

The Sunday starts a little earlier, so again a meet at breakfast to discuss ideas.
Today Miss Courtney tells me that because of the plan, I’m not needed so much so She would like me to use this time as an opportunity to do some scenes with the other ladies, especially Miss Nikky and Mistress Rebekka as we have not filmed together before.

I had ended up sitting around for a little longer than ideal without a scene despite itching to go. However, some of this time was sharply made up when Miss Nikky came out of the dungeon room, pointed to me and enthused about a scene She wanted to do with me.
And… what a scene… a foot worship and breath play clip…. in the pool.

I’m taking this as a baptism, I’m therefore free of all sin and thus free to sin all over again.

We then end up in another scene together, this time a double Mistress/double ashtray scene with Mistress Rebekka. Suddenly I feel I’ve filmed a lot of ashtray clips.
It’s… interesting… it’s certainly not my fetish but I quite enjoying doing it : and, apparently these kind of clips are popular – so, fair enough.

I think perhaps there’s a certain element of ‘being used’ that is causing me to shine towards this, I don’t know. Let’s not try to over-analyse this, just that it’s not my fetish but I’m doing it a bit more.
But then, it’s not all about my wants, is it?

After the break
0460 LKH 300x169 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

Probably one of the best ways to serve yogurt

After a short break I again find myself in a scene with Miss Nikky – and you know… W/we really seem to be getting on and so it’s really nice to be able to do some. She is just such a lovely Lady – and I’m not just saying that because W/we did another foot fetish scene, honest… this time with food. I always wanted to recreate the scene from Dusk Til Dawn, you know the one, this is probably the closest to it – although, with lots of improvisation… a little milk, a few berries, a bit yogurt…

Momentum is starting to pick up and some human furniture and objectification with Mistress Rebekka sets some pace – and… then…
Well, there’s a list of clip ideas and such (the first I knew of it) and the camera lady is looking for someone to do some ballbusting with Mistress Rebekka… and… with all of the slaves (including Squishy!!!) running away – I thought… you know what… I want to do a one-on-one scene with Mistress Rebekka and there’s a want for a ballbusting scene – and – I really don’t like ballbusting, but my want to do a scene with her and to be useful towards the aims of the weekend exceeds this… and… ouch!

This has been one of the most difficult scenes I’ve filmed for a while.  I didn’t enjoy the scene, but, I did enjoy doing a scene with Mistress Rebekka. Does that make sense? Well, sometimes in filming it helps to be a little versatile.
And, although we have just met – her reputation comes before her. Actually, if the truth be known – I’ve known who Rebekka Raynor was longer than I’ve known who anyone else there was – as I’ve seen her host demos at Club Antichrist before I ever dipped down the filming route…


There’s one last scene for the day and that’s pony racing. By this point I think I’ve been in the sun too long and I’m starting to be a bit overtired – but, something about the-show-must-go-on or something – and yeah. My team won. Woo. I await the trophy… (so I can give it to the ladies, obviously.)


And then… after all this craziness… it’s over.

0295 2Ep 300x169 - Diary: Return to the Berlin Farm

To say I was ruined by the end is an understatement

Just like that.

Back to ‘normality’.

Of course, the thing is – chunks is valuable. Such a wonderful chance to meet new people and also spend precious time with those I already adored.

When the scenes are out I know there will be some I’ll be fond of – but – some of my favourite moments are ones you’ll not read about in this blog.

Because, I never tell everything…


As usual, I will return to this to add new links periodically as I see them available.

Clips currently available for sale which I’m involved in, are:

Outdoor English Lesson (with Miss Suzanna and Miss Courtney)

Double Smoking Fetish. (With Nikky French and Rebekka Raynor.)

Dirty Feet Sploshing (with Nikky French)

Your balls are my property. (With Rebekka Raynor.)