In previous years I’ve retweeted out some of my most read blogs of the year, but this time I thought I’d put them all in one link.

There’s been a mixed bag of the educational, the funny and the diaries… so, a good chance to catch up on some you may have missed.

foot reflexology chart @powerofpositivity 1 300x181 - Top Posts of 2019

Learn it 🙂

10) Why the “Free Foot Massage Trope” doesn’t working

This is one actually published December 2018, so wouldn’t have had much of a chance as a “top” read post in 2018.  A pet peeve of mine is when a guy will pop up on a forum “offering” a “free foot massage” as if indulging in his kink is actually service.  Perhaps it would be if he actually knew how to give one?

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9) Diary : Filming, Strap On Parties, more filming – a busy May!

I haven’t done many diary posts this year, but the May one was summarising a very active May which had been after a little break.

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jerking 300x223 - Top Posts of 2019

use two hands for comments

8) Before commenting on others pictures…

Another addressing a grumble of mine is some of the inappropriate comments left on a photo.  Perhaps before typing with one hand as you make a comment, this is worth a read?

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7) Diary : The past 8 months

I’d mentioned diary posts were a little rarer recently – this post back in February(!) went over the period of June 2018-February 2019 – with some highs and lows.  And a false sense of optimism…

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6) Fiction : Slave Training Trial

This was actually a January 2018 post, but as well as ticking over due to it’s popularity (it was one of, if not my most read, blog of 2018) it was hotlinked as part of another post which drove it a lot of traffic.

The concept of this was an “I’ll do anything” type slave who found the Mistresses needs and idea of “anything” didn’t match his.

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20121001 122603 p m 300x164 - Top Posts of 20195) Just get a slave to do it

Another kind of knee-jerk response from me.  Whenever a Mistress posts something and some smart-arse doesn’t offer to help but instead responds with “Just get a slave to do it”

If you’re too dim to work out why she didn’t, here’s my article explaining why.

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4) Diary : Meeting Miss Jasmine

In May I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jasmine.  It’s an awfully kept secret how fond I am of that day.  I wrote about it here

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IMG 20190508 WA0006 300x225 - Top Posts of 20193) Diary : An Evening of Mixed Wrestling

I’d been long since interested in doing Femdom/Mixed wrestling – Nina Hiss had helped me out a little bit with it and with more of her help and encouragement I attended a mixed wrestling event in July.

Where I subsequently got my head kicked in.

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2) Satire : Sub Shocked to find he just had to book a session

I tried my hand at satire and ended up with my 2nd most read post of the year and 2nd read most post of all time.  Whilst the follow up didn’t quite get the hype a lot of people seemed to identify with that one.  Whilst it’s certainly pro-based, it can be expanded of course outside this – perhaps a “I’ll do anything doesn’t extend to showing up and treating people with respect” follow up might be on the cards.

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twitter 300x219 - Top Posts of 20191) Surprising things that get you shadowbanned

There’s a lot of confusion with twitter rules and what can cause to restrictions on your account.   I spent one Sunday morning combing the T+C and found there were things people could be doing that could be leading to their accounts being restricted – which included : too many 3rd party autotweets, having a sub retweet all your content, RT-chains, “Back up accounts” and repeatedly posting the same content.

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And finally…

I am really pleased with the hits my blog gets. That so many people find my content helpful, insightful, funny, entertaining, or whatever you get out of it.  Whether it’s an interest in what I’m getting up to, things from a sub perspective, or… whatever.

For anyone who reads, shares, gives feedback. Thank you. Because, if I felt I was just writing into a void, or benefiting others, I probably wouldn’t bother so your support keeps me going.

That said, I do also have a playful cheekiness – so as a shameless plug – please do check out my clip store, some services I offer, or consider my tip jar.  Genuinely, I am just happy for the views, shares, loves, retweets, but, y’know – something something about shy bairns and nay sweets.