I often thought I was cursed with Mixed Wrestling.

It’d been something I’d be curious to be involved in; every time I tried to sort something, something would happen.

Injuries, last minute problems, someone else just pipping me on applying on shoots or whatever.

ninabs3 300x196 - Diary : An Evening of Mixed Wrestling

The first time I grappled with Nina Hiss it didn’t exactly go well for me

I actually thought I was going to be cursed a few weeks ago – but things really did come up beautifully and, as previously blogged, I had a little match with Nina Hiss.

I’d had opportunity to film with Lady Bellatrix (that’s coming in another blog) and I was a little nervy about getting an earlier train and it actually worked out cheaper to come down the night before; even with accommodation…

I had a little look at options to spend time and a Mixed Wrestling Event at Monica’s caught my eye.

Chatting with Nina one day, I asked for more info and she explained it (as I will in this blog) and I became very tempted.

I did arrive later than I’d planned, not helped due to train delays (which confirmed I was right to come down the night before otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to film the next day!) and hotel problems (Oh, God… it was dire…) which did mean I was a little flustered.

But, I arrived to a warm welcome from Monique, who recognised me. Nina then gave me a perfect greeting of a hug, then shoving my pony tail up my nose.

When I looked around there were all sorts of people in different areas of the room in one grapple or another, or socialising.

Nina introduced me to a few people and I took a little time to people-watch to get a vibe of what was going on.

So. How it works.

monica 169x300 - Diary : An Evening of Mixed Wrestling

the legend that is Monica.

You pay an entry fee – that is £35.
As well as then being part of the event and being able to watch, there’s also food and drink provided which was very much appreciated.

There are assorted games throughout the night. I ended up taking part in 3 games, including an interesting twist on musical chairs (guys faces are the chairs) and the infamous Scissor Circle.

The Scissor Circle is basically 4 ladies, 4 guys, a guy in each corner and the ladies cycle round and then apply a scissor hold with a view that whoever makes the guy tap first win a point.

This also helped as an ice breaker, as this got me talking with Axel. It was a nice way to break the evening up.

Mini Matches

Now, also, the floor is pretty much open that you can ask people for time.
The cost is pretty low, £15 for 5 minutes, £25 for 10, £35 for 15… so on.

From there you can discuss your experiences, likes/dislikes and what you’d like to do.

I don’t think it can be too leftfield; but, over the night I end doing 2 1/2 mixed wrestling matches and 1 1/2 foot fetish/Domination sessions.

I will explain the halves!

Speaking to a couple of people, and with some of my own thoughts also…
One guy likes to book time with ladies for mixed wrestling sessions. This type of event lets him see people in action and also have a short match with someone to see if he’d like a longer one in future.

It’s also a way to spend time with multiple people without breaking the bank; some people were doing 2-on-1 style matches.

And, I think, also for the Ladies; a good opportunity to network, show what they can do and some of these mini-matches can sharp add up.

Tussle Muscle

Sharp Nail CBT POV.00 03 19 27.Still006 300x169 - Diary : An Evening of Mixed Wrestling

I dunno, women just like to take their legs and choke the life out of me with them.

There are two sets of mats and the ring; one of the mats filming is out of bounds, but the other and the ring it’s fair game.

To ease in, I start with a foot domination session with Ivy – she is someone who also does some of the London Foot Parties.

I then end up in a match with Ina Black… this taught me the importance of a little bit of research. Ina is a seven time Sambo champion and has finished 2nd in European Championships…
Prior to wiping the floor with me, I watched her take up someone’s challenge and have him tap seventy times…

I think I counted that I tapped 12 times, perhaps she went easy on me.

So, the old trope of going for the biggest/toughest in the room..

I then had a playful bout with Axel, we split the time half with some foot Domination and half with a mini match.

I finish off with a little tussle with Nina, which is fun and playful; though, she does get 3 taps out of me.

After that, my budget is spent – so time to crack open some beers.

In Conclusion

I actually love this. So, basically a space where for a relatively low cost people can come and try things and get involved. As well as the above I also have a catch up with Inferno, meet Mistress Alexia for the first time and speak to a couple others.

There are people who appreciate the concept of sessions/pricing but can’t always afford it; but, I had a full night of entertainment, socialising, games, matches, food and drink for less than the cost of an hour session…

And, yeah, I did see/meet people I’d love to do stuff with in the future… who knows… we’ve now broken ice…


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