Sub shocked to find he just had to book a session.

After spending a year or so wasting his time and everyone else’s writing shit like “I’ll do anything to be at your feet Mistress xxx” on everything from promo posts to sales posts to personal posts, a sub was shocked to find he just had to book a session.

“I’m shocked, if I’m honest,” said a surprised sub, who’d always wondered why his username UseMeGoddess335 never got him any play, “I always thought I’d have to crawl through broken glass or suck some cock to get the opportunity – but it turns out I just needed to book a session”

The revelation has had wider implications throughout the sub community. Many subs are in disbelief, “I sent her a dick pic to try to impress her,” said WellHung213, “But turns out she’d have been more impressed if I’d actually followed the instructions on her website”

Not all subs were pleased by this though. GenuineGuy90210 states, “Well, I once sent someone a fiver and she talked with me for a bit but then went quiet. I don’t know why, I’d done nothing wrong – so it’s clear she was just a scammer”
“So, how do I know I can trust people to send deposits? I mean, having someone anally fist me, cock caning, or leave me suspended for long periods of time cutting off blood circulation is one thing – but the risk I might lose £50 is just a risk I’m not willing to take”

When contacted for an interview about this, Mistress Yvonne just eyerolled, “It’s almost like we’ve been telling the guys this for years. We don’t put the information on our websites for decoration”

Next week : sub learns that doing exactly what he wants to do isn’t submission.