I’d started another blog and got sidetracked on this issue – but, felt it was a big enough one to have it’s own blog, which can reference this one.

Amongst the most comical of classifieds is whenever you get a guy trying to be clever by offering “free foot massages”.

Other variations are available.

The logic I see being quite simple.

– The guy sees (or has previously tried himself, just check his post history) that guys doing “any women in my area for foot fun” yields no responses, so tried a different approach.

– Perhaps a little cog in his head that women might pay for a massage, so being able to offer one for free is win/win is it not, she gets a foot massage – he gets his fetish.

– And of course, in his head might be the scenario of the woman returning home after a long day, kicking off shoes and would benefit from some pampering – and again, the win/win scenario above.

Of course, the problem is that this is flawed.

The Flaws

Firstly, it’s pretty transparent.

Secondly, if you’re getting sexual kicks from this – it’s not really “free” now is it?

Third, can you *actually* give a massage?

Look, we’ve all been there had a partner or friend who has needed a foot rub and dove in there and they’ve said what a good job you’ve done.
Obviously this might put more ideas in your head.

But chances are, you didn’t give a massage – you gave a foot rub – and chances are no matter how good, or bad a job you gave it might have been better than nothing at all – and even if you did terribly, they’re probably going to be too polite to say “fuck me, put some bloody effort into it”

Also, just so we’re all quite clear – there’s no sniffing, kissing, sucking or licking involved in a foot massage.

That doesn’t mean the recipient wouldn’t enjoy it, but, you know, if you do dupe someone into one of your “free massages” it’s certainly gonna add to the “what the fuck are you doing” if you suddenly stick your tongue between their toes.

But, you can learn

foot reflexology chart @powerofpositivity 1 300x181 - why the "free foot massages" trope doesn't workNow.
I say some of this as a guy with experience. Now, I’m not an experienced foot masseuse nor would I claim to be. But, I’ve learnt a lot over time. I was actually extremely lucky to have given a foot rub to a Lady who needed one, who happened to be a massage therapist.
So, as well as getting some good critique on my technique – she gave me a couple of extremely valuable pointers.

Mind, these pointers were linked to the pain she had and how to treat them.

Generally, I feel if you are interested in being at the feet at many people then the more useful you can be the more “in demand” your “skills” will be and the more likely it is that a future opportunity will open up.

But, until you can give a massage to the level of someone trained at giving them, it’s not really a “free massage” especially, as of course, there is something within this you actually get out of it.

One thing I have considered is taking a course in order to improve my skills and ergo be more useful. It’s something you could give thought to…

I did come across a guy who took a part-time course at a local college in order to learn how to give massages so he could be more useful to his Mistress. Worth a thought.

If in doubt, there are plenty of foot massage tutorials on YouTube…