GoodSub231 is currently recovering from shock after realising that doing exactly what he wanted was not submission.

“I’d been struggling to convince people on my local scene that I would be a good sub,” he explains, “So… ha… I had this idea.  I thought if I paid a local Pro for a bit – I could prove I was a good sub to others”

It had seemingly been going well for him.  Every few weeks he was paying for a session, just an hour mind – with the lady with the lowest tribute he could find – and going through his fetishes and being told he was a good sub.

“The sessions were very fun, but I didn’t really want to spend money. It wasn’t really cheating that I was contacting other women, because we weren’t really in a relationship.  But ladies still weren’t convinced,” he pathetically tried to explained.

Some weren’t convinced

“Of course I wasn’t convinced,” said one of the ladies he’d been contacting. She could have been one of many he’d sent a similar copy/paste message to, “I mean firstly he was telling me another lady called him a good sub, so I should ‘take him on’ – as if he was bouncing from one person to the next.”

“But the real kicker is was he was pretty much just telling me his fetishes and what he expected as if it was somehow useful to my life.”
“He offered to be my ashtray.  I don’t even smoke.  He offered to be my toilet, I have a perfectly good one in the bathroom.  He offered to treat my feet… I almost fell for that, I thought he was going to pay for reflexology but really he somehow thought his tongue in my toes was a ‘treat’.   I’ve no idea if he was even going to brush his teeth after I’d pissed in him as he wanted.”

Another lady told us similar, “He said he’d ‘do anything’ so I suggested some things that would help me.  I volunteer at a community centre which had some odd jobs needed doing – and we always need volunteers – I thought maybe if he really wanted to ‘get to know me’ he could do so whilst helping me paint.   But I’m not sure that appealed to his boner”


GoodSub231 eventually had the revelation after an argument with Princess Cutsie who he’d been seeing.

“He wasn’t a good sub,” she told us, “He was shit.  And when he phoned me at 11pm to ask if he was really a good sub I told him that.”
“I then regretted telling him that.  He’s also into humiliation so I could hear him masturbating so I hung up”
“I emailed him the next day telling him to fuck off.   Of course I was telling him he was a good sub. I knew the second I stopped telling him he was a good sub he’d not come back.”
“At first it was fun doing his fetishes with him – but knowing he was using me to try to get free time with other women without actually asking me for advice was fairly shitty”

Having learnt that he is not a ‘Good Sub’ he has vowed to make amends.
“Yes, I understand my approach to all of this has been wrong.  So, I’m going to do the right thing”
“I’m going to change my username to GoodKinkster”