“What you going to write? That we drank tea and talked?”
“Maybe I will…”

It’s funny, really. And an important reminder of the importance of doing things without set expectations and to enjoy taking things as they come.

D3NxfZ7XkAA3y4z 300x199 - Diary : Meeting Miss Jasmine

from a recent clip Miss Jasmine created called ‘Quarantined’

On film days I am, by admission, a little greedy – I don’t get as many opportunities as I’d like so I want to do as much as possible.

But, today I leave in a state of bliss despite having ‘only’ done 3 clips (mind, 2 are long ones!) because it’s been such an enjoyable day.

Noticing Miss Jasmine

I can’t quite remember when I first noticed Miss Jasmine. I’ve a rough idea that it was a while ago – because I remember mentioning Her to somebody – but, certainly in the past few weeks She has certainly become one of my favourite people on Twitter.

A mixture of reasons. Some of Her clips are just hot as fuck. Some are very creative and play around in the realms of fantasy rather than fetish or BDSM and that’s fascinating.

She also has a wonderful dark humour – but – as well as that, She is unafraid to call out bullshit and that is something I also admire.

I thought all my Christmases had come at once when She agreed to film.

It was funny that there were things after this point She said or did that made me certain that wanting to film with Her and meet Her was the right choice. Though, I had been a bit nervous about making sure I did a good job.

I was actually surprised at myself at how chill I actually was. Perhaps this is good. I didn’t feel pressure, I just felt it’d be fine.

IMG 20190508 WA0012 300x225 - Diary : Meeting Miss Jasmine

While this is what it looks like… it gets much darker

On the day

Throughout the day nerves did get the better of me a little bit. It’s amazing how difficult “I think You are wonderful, I am so happy to be here” can be – especially as there was just constant things throughout that made me know She is more wonderful than I even imagined.

I mean, She is a creative genius and the first clip W/we do… it’s brilliant. It just starts like a normal fetish clip. I kinda almost want people to buy it without reading any synopsis and just trusting me on this.
“Oh, it’s a latex shining clip” – but, it just takes a dark sinister, permanent, twist…

Clip link

Clip 2 actually kinda messed with my head a bit. In some ways, a bit like the first clip, I’m feeling really clever like I do proper acting and stuff.
It’s like “yay, I’m not just lying there and getting beat up” or something.
There’s a little synopsis which does play a couple of fantasies, guy finds girlfriend surprises him by taking him to a dungeon and that She has found a porn collection and going to go through some fantasies.
OK, standard – but there’s this bit where it’s kinda being quite… nice and then is not… and it just really screwed my head even though I knew what W/we were doing.

It like, I just felt all nice like – I imagine this is a common guy fantasy that his partner finds out his kinks and surprises him with them – and I’m like, in the cage drinking piss as happy as can be then all of a sudden it’s like “Right, you little shit…” and I’m like… uh oh…

It was quite a surreal experience.

Anyway, it’s a mini-blockbuster which I can’t wait to see back, it’s got it all.

Link to clip

There’s something about Miss Jasmine

IMG 20190508 WA0001 300x225 - Diary : Meeting Miss Jasmine

There’s just something in the smile…

There is something very special about Miss Jasmine.
Even between scenes there were subtle things She was doing to mess with my head – and – it was so weird because, I kinda liked it, but didn’t and then liked that I didn’t – and… argh. But, She also didn’t take that too far. Like, having fun with my discomfort, but wanting to keep it fun.

There were a few clip ideas that W/we ended up not doing and in ways they would have been nice to do – but – in ways, I feel, it keeps things open for future options.

I realised afterwards there were things I’d not done for such a long time which I’d really missed. The ability to just chill, with no pressure and talk with someone I admire – this was a form of bliss.

It did also cause me to discover something about myself, but that’s for another blog…

The third clip was possibly a more ‘normal’ clip. Well, normal in the little world of fetish and kink – “Oh yeah, we just did something normal like human ashtray” – haha. I think things have corrupted me.

Clip link

The cruellest of them all….

IMG 20190508 WA0000 300x225 - Diary : Meeting Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine has amazing feet and I was so so happy to be invited to kiss them

As often, the cruellest sadist of all is time. “It’s only 10 past 2” very quickly became “Fuck, it’s 20 past 4” – but, I dunno. Maybe a sign that the time flew over is a sign of how relaxed and enjoyable it was, imagine if W/we had not got on and it’d dragged…

Later, my jaw hurt. I didn’t know if it was from a gag, from being slapped, or from grinning from ear to ear. Maybe a combination.
Part from smiling about what an amazing day it had been. But, part because I was so right. I mean, I thought Miss Jasmine was amazing and – yeah, I was proved way beyond right.

If you don’t follow Her, or haven’t bought any of Her clips – then, I mean it – there’s something missing from Your life. She’s a very special person I feel so privileged to have met.


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