It’s been a bit of a while since I did a diary style post and despite regularly attending award events, I’ve never really blogged about them. I have just attended the UK Fetish Awards.

So, here is a two for one.

The very first awards I went to was the UKAP Awards back in 2018, before UKAP became SNAP.

I didn’t know how things would go but it was when I was blogging *a lot* and someone suggested putting it forward to some of the awards people. So I did, and got shortlisted.

And while I didn’t win, or make the final board, it was a fun night out.

It was awesome to see Divine Domino there, and it’s where I first met Devon Breeze who helped encourage me to get some photos, did a little introduction to some folk and, well, I went on to film with Devon a few times as well as this leading to other things.

So while I didn’t win, I can look back over the past 5 years to things which happened from that night.

Since then, we’ve had things like Messtival (twice), Glamour Awards, SNAP Awards and now for the second time I was in attendance for the UK Fetish Awards.

I’d actually been up in two categories.  The first year of Fetish Awards (which was held remotely because of covid) I’d been in again with my blog, and also a ‘Best Producer’
The second event, which was 2022, some of the categories changed and I didn’t really fit in any especially as I’ve not been blogging so much.   They’d dropped ‘Best Producer’ and changed things round a bit.

I did smile a bit that for someone so active there was nothing I could drop into, so I did cheekily put myself forward for ‘Best Master’

I am actually a switch, and there are Dominant clips of me out there, but it’s not the focus of the perspective of what I do or sell.
But anyway, I not only got shortlisted, I made the runners up board!

2023 initially reused the same categories as 2022, so I again put myself forward for Master and got the shortlist.

But after a lot of pressure, particularly as there were multiple female focused categories and only ‘Best Master’ as a male focused – they did do a ‘Best Submissive’ with an irony I’ll come to in a bit.

So anyway, yes, I then put myself forward for ‘Best Submissive’ and got the shortlist.

And, so, here we go.  UK Fetish Awards 2023.

Normally I try to arrange filming around things like this, and for once didn’t – and never been so relieved.  There was slight worry as if we’d even make it, myself and Mxtress Valleycat literally shaking off colds in the nick of time.

A quick pop into Dean Street for some routine screening (remember kids, take Sexual Health Seriously!) and then a Yemeni meal before arriving and catching some bearings.

Still getting composure when invited for my first interview of the night.  I probably needed 10 minutes to get my bearings as I seemed to suddenly forget everything I know about piss.

But then moving through the doors, a quick second interview of the night and, after many years, first time meeting Countess Diamond, hurray!

From there a little, we had a wander for both some socialising (and to get some video on the 360 thing) and it almost feels like a list of whose who – so many people both either looking out for or was a lovely surprise to see including (deep breath…) April Paisley, Goddess Orla, Leia Organa, Cate McQueen, Miss Wildfire, Lady Sara Borgia, Miss Courtney, Poison Candi, Lady Bellatrix, Tara Red, Lady Katerina, Ruby Lix and more… phew.

20231107 224306 300x225 - Diary : Fetish Awards 2023And this is before we get into the people I didn’t get to say ‘hi’ to!

Into the results.

I didn’t really expect to win. Though, it would have been nice to reach a runners up board. But, c’est la vie.
Some people I like *did* win their categories, or reach the runners up board.  And alas, some who I like *didn’t*.

There were a couple of half surprises here and there.  But that always has the potential to happen when you’ve got an online crowd vote.

I guess what I think is that for those who didn’t win, that I hope it at least turns out to be good publicity or connections that can be reflected on over time – and an otherwise fun night.

The thing I had to smile on was, as I say, that folk had pushed for the ‘Best Submissive’ for another category for some of the men – and the final 3 were all female.
And all amazing people.  I’ve no qualms there 🙂

It does of course always raise questions there’s seldom clear answers to.
I think no one has the time or patience to reel through excessive amounts of categories that makes sure no one is left out, but there’s still often a lot left to an afterthought.
In kink for example, there’s similarities between F/m, M/f, F/f and M/m but also a lot of distinct differences.
This is also before we even look at trans performers, where trans men, trans women and non binary performers are often all lumped together into one generic category despite being three distinct groups.

But still. I’m trying not to be overly critical; but it’s something I do feel all events in general can try to consider, as part of continuous reviews and improvements, particularly from an in-front-of-the-camera perspective.

Before I go back to being all happy and smiley.  Most events I’ve been to have had some form of tribute, and Posthumous Award, to someone who has sadly passed away.
And, I think this is good for an acknowledgement, but an awful lot never really got the full credit when alive.
I think my suggestion is for some of the awards nights to have their own Judge-Appointed awards for people who it’s felt should get some form of recognition.That online crowd votes do get a lot of buy in, but do have many flaws.
This is, to credit, something which did happen at the SNAP Awards this year, I’d love to see more follow suit.

But yes.
An otherwise nice event. Lovely to see lots of friends and, well, do a little bit of networking.
There’s at least one person I bumped into who prompted me to message her and I’ll be doing so this week to try to sort out another shoot.

So, hey.
Well done to all of the winners.  For those who didn’t, your time to shine will come.

Like, I didn’t get a trophy, but I got to kiss Leia’s feet, so who is the real winner here?