“Why don’t you just get a slave to do it?”
I think this is going to be my most simple, and to the point, posts.
There seems to be a rise recently whereby a Mistress or Dominant will post about doing a perceived mundane every day task – cooking, cleaning, taking out the rubbish… and some numpty will utter the immortal words… “why don’t you get a slave to do it?”


Raising this as a revelation suggests that you thought she was too stupid to think of this.
Do you think it’s appropriate to insult a Dominant? No? Then fucking stop it.


Obviously.  I can’t imagine the inconvenience.  I know myself at home, when my bin is full and I have to take it out – I think, damn, if only – right now – there was a slave.
Perhaps one, just say, in the cupboard under my stairs waiting, patiently, for me to need my bin emptied.


As well meaning as slaves can be, sometimes it’s quicker to just do it yourself. Better results, how you want them.
For example – a cleaning slave using the wrong product (or too much) can cause damage.
Also, there is at least one Mistress I can think of who is a highly trained chef; so why would she’d want a cooking slave when she can (most likely) cook something better?


I know there are some men who face a reality shock when moving out of the family home.  They’re used to having their mothers doing all the cooking and cleaning and washing their clothes and the likes and they suddenly leave home and find… well… that they should have learned to cook or clean.  That putting the washing machine on might just be a case of filling it up and pressing go, but it actually stacks up amongst other jobs.
It’s not unhealthy for Dominants of any persuasion to do these mundane tasks the avoid over reliance.


A common fantasy that a lot of men struggle to comprehend is just that, is the idea of a household where the Mistress has a slave or slaves she can call upon whenever she needs something.  Cooking, cleaning, foot rub, someone to take a beating… and there is this big fantasy idea.
Obviously we know in history there were large wealthy families who kept slaves for this reason – but, this wasn’t really humane and came into all sorts of problems.
If a slave got ill or became sick, they were killed.
Slavemasters tried to keep a balance of their slaves being fed enough to keep their strength up to do the work, but not to allow them to become too strong to overthrow.
So, to work this into a kind of consensual modern fetishised slavery – slaves need to be taken care of and well fed.  This runs at an expense.
It’s arguably inefficient.
There are those who have live in slaves and there are those who have slaves live local enough that a quick message and they’ll be around.
But, it’s still quicker to wash your own dishes than call somebody and wait for them to turn up.
And, while the idea of “live in” is a fantasy to many – it’s also not for a lot of people from reasons based from privacy to the problems of over relying.  Dismissing a slave who lives with you means they now need somewhere to live.


I mean, people write “you should get a slave to do that” but rarely write “If you need that doing in the future, I’m happy to help”.
While it could be there’s a distance issue.  The concept remains.
Of course, it MAY be that volunteering falls flat.  For example if it involves visiting somebody’s home and you are a stranger.  But, if you really wanted to help you still could – by, well, not being a stranger.
Incidentally, some tasks just need so much responsibility – what to do if a slave is tasked with something and misses an important deadline? And I don’t mean “100 lines by Friday” but, like, booking transport or something time critical?


There are often memes or posts about how multi-skilled a lot of Dominants need to be – and – I agree.  Not just that slaves aren’t always reliable – but – that… relationships can end at any time.  This ties in with the above point, but if you rely on a sub for work on, say, a clip store – then this could leave you stuck should they leave or be dismissed.  It may also mean they can hold you to ransom or sabotage.   I’m aware of at least one Mistress who had her content sabotaged.  But also, it may be that the time has come to end a relationship but they have access and skills you can’t replicate easily.
Of course, it always makes full sense to make use of the skillset of anyone in service to you; but there has to be no/limited loss of momentum should they leave.


I know this may seem difficult to many.  But, there are a lot of Dominants who enjoy assorted tasks for various reasons.  Whether it’s because it reminds them they’re still human. Whether it’s something that let’s them be creative, or learns new skills.   Is it that difficult to appreciate some tasks some people enjoy?
The next two are additions that were volunteered by Mistress Evilyne after I posted this blog – both were too good to omit.

Emotional Labour

It’s generally not worth the pay-off because it costs so much in being emotionally available for the slave.  Their wants then become ten times as exhausting as actually just doing it.

Wasted Time

For service based work a lot of slaves want you to watch them do the work, meaning you are still spending the time supervising.  This doesn’t save time.  Add in that work then needs to be checked and being aware of the play-to-be-punished approach in making mistakes.