Covid19 and Kink

There’s probably a whole raft of blogs I could write on covid19. Not that I’m a particular expert, I’m not saying that, but on how it’s going to affect us in kink.

Some clubs and events went before the government asked venues to close. The rest obviously have had their hands forced.

While there may very well be some trying to host mini parties, filming events, sessions or meet – currently the advice is, well, not to.

So, unless you live with your Dominant/submissive/play-partner your ability to serve/interact/indulge in kink is likely to be somewhat limited.

And we’ve only just started.

The end is the beginning is the end

There’s a good risk that we could be 8-12 weeks before restrictions turn back around and even after that a lot of kink activities carry an increased risk until at least a vaccine is available (over a year away!)

But, I don’t really want to start mapping or predicting scenarios too far in the future.
My point is this is going to be months rather than weeks, at minimum.

In kink there’s obviously lots of different types and layers of relationships. Like a lot of my blogs, the writing is bias based on F/m with the F being a Professional Dominatrix – but – a lot of this should be fairly obviously transferable. But, for clarity, that person you had a session with once 3 years ago probably owes you nothing.

What subs can do

First off. While there may be a temptation to book a session, don’t. Your health, your Dominants health, yours and their families… not worth the risk.

Clearly, you’re in a financial position to be able to afford the session – so instead of using it selfishly, use it productively.
Do the session online. Buy her clips. Pre-pay for a session “when all this is over”. Or tip.

In terms of submission; this is actually a good thing to do – because you’re placing what they need right now above your own needs.

Income is hammered

It’s probably a good assumption to assume your Dominants income is trashed.
All real time bookings have gone. Bills have not.
Some have used this as an opportunity to finally set up on subscription sites, create more clips or cam more. The problem is, a lot of other people are doing this also.
As are those who normally run subscription sites, create clips or cam.

There was hope that with more clients or potential clients working from home or self isolating, this would increase some of the footfall.
However, there’s also the problem that, in many cases, their partners, kids, flat mates, etc were ALSO at home.

Certainly logging into cam sites and seeing some offer insanely cheap per-minute chats, or seeing so many free trials and discounts on subscription sites helps confirm my suspicions.

So, again – your support may be needed more than ever. Treat this as an opportunity to shine.

Equally, if you are NOT in service to anyone – there’s rarely a bad time to attempt to make a good impression – but don’t be entitled about. “I helped you during pandemic therefore…” is not servitude at all, it’s manipulation.

What Dominants can do

For Dominants.
Of course, it might be a good time to really cut off some of the deadwood – if you’ve subs or clients who suddenly vanish or could have helped but didn’t, you don’t have to keep them on the other side of this.
But, of course, realise that some of your subs may have different abilities to continue to support. They may have their own income concerns – they may have their own support needs.

A lot is complex as not everyone is the same. But while you as a Dominant need your subs to step up – it’s important that those who simply cannot step up are not left behind or cut out.

It’s just getting the difference between those that could and didn’t, and those who couldn’t.

I’m also of course missing that Dominants may well also be missing the play. Again, whilst there may well be temptation – the risk really isn’t worth it for now and we will probably get further restrictions or closures before things ease off. Setting some online play and games with subs and good clients is possibly about the best you have.

If you can’t help financially

So, if you can’t help financially. What can you do?
This could be a conversation to have about what is needed and what is possible.
There may be physical tasks can be helped with – with a lot of photos of queuing and empty shelves – so long as you don’t go over rations, or leave yourself short, you could very well look at helping your Dominant with their shopping.
Whilst contact should be avoided – leaving on a doorstep and calling from outside would be of benefit.

But also there may be online and admin tasks. If your Dominant is looking at setting up in any of the online ways (subscription, cams, clips, etc) then help them research them. Help them promote them. Try not to let them release everything all at once. Use it as a good time to do research tasks for them, or, by taking time to read or learn skills that will help you be better for them in the future.
If they’re going into clip production, learn how to use editing software and then teach them the bits they’ll need.

Learn stuff; teach ’em the stuff they’ll need in the long term.
Knowledge share goes a long way.

Alternatively – why not use this time to catch up on the rest of my blog? 😉

And finally…

Also. For everyone.
A lot of this is gonna be a strain on a lot of folks mental health. Do check in with folk you are close to every now and then even if you’re not in a formal relationship.
Even if it’s just to make sure they’re holding together – again – they’ll thank you for it at the other end and remember those who made sure they were OK.

At the other side of all this.

Remember, that first time you kneel (or have someone kneel in front) and bend down to kiss the foot hello…. it’s going to feel so so sweet.

Stay safe everyone.