Tweets not going out? Categories disappearing? Words now vanishing and being replaced?

What is going on at Clips4Sale? And when is it getting resolved?

I’d been considering in doing an industry-news section of the blog and this seems to be a very appropriate time, with some chaos at clips4sale affecting buyers and sellers alike.

Firstly people noticed their sales and ‘new clip’ tweets were not going out. Some spotted the c4supdates twitter was marked as suspended.

Then a list of 26 categories disappeared overnight. Some later reappeared. Some mapped to other categories. But, regardless, anything around the words ‘abuse’, ‘forced’, ‘torture’ anything family related (i.e. Mommy Domme) has gone.

It also seems ‘cat fighting’ has gone, presumably for the word ‘cat’.

Clip descriptions also have found keywords removed or changed (again, linked to the above).

Some examples of changes including things like ‘Forced Orgasms’ been changed to ‘Made to Cum’.

What has been most frustrating, is very little has actually been communicated.

The absence of information leads to speculation which of course fuels both the rumour mill and leaves people confused as of what is happening.

It started with PornHub…

It’s hit even the front page of the BBC that Mastercard and Visa are amongst those who’ve cut ties with PornHub following an investigation.

The investigation was based around the controls and content – there’s been one too many high profile case involving rape or child pornography, or child rape on PornHub.

This has resulted in PH making a series of dramatic sweeping changes, including deleting videos uploaded by unverified users. Over 10 million videos deleted.

MasterCard made it clear they would expand their investigation into other sites, so it’s no surprise that C4S are under the spotlight – and I imagine other clip sites may have a torch shined on them also.

Some other rival sites were already a lot stricter on keywords and content, so changes to them might be minimal. But certainly, I don’t expect the investigation to stop with clips4sale.

What clips4sale HAVE said via the admin panel is that as everybody who uploads clips is verified, they don’t expect such a widespread problem.

What other info exists?

On Friday 18th December, C4S held a scheduled Studio Webinar which was designed to be an end of year review, and also looking forward to the new year and talk about new ‘coming soon’ features.

Obviously there were a lot of questions about the missing categories and the Twitter links.

I was on that Webinar. I asked some of the questions.

Categories and keywords are subject to an ongoing review, this is coming from the banks.
Clips4Sale are fighting against changes which is why some categories were temporarily removed, then reinstated, but it is very likely that decisions will be made quickly and without much notice if anything needs to go, or be renamed.

It’s suggested a review of some of the content may happen, especially if content had been uploaded that was already technically against their rules.

They did also raise for anyone to use support if a clip they had has been removed and they disagree with it or wish for clarification on why.

Sadly, there is no clear end date for this – an investigation as long as it takes the banks to be satisfied.

I imagine a full list of changes will be released once it’s all finalised, until then… we’re all in the dark.


Twitter seems to be an unrelated but similar pain.

That Twitter have either changed their rules, or suddenly took dislike to what c4s were posting and have suspended their developer account.

They are working with Twitter in order to resolve this and get a new account and clarification on any new rules – they (naturally) want this resolved as quickly as possible but don’t expect this to be until early in the new year.

What can we do?

Sadly. Not a lot.

Some people have been manually creating their own ‘new clip’ or sales tweets, you can also manually share your clip to your twitter.

If you are looking to buy certain content, to be aware keywords may have changed.

Remember this is something that is still part of the wider attacks on porn, which ultimately affects us all. Any law affecting sex work affects us all from the clip creators to the street sex workers to the Johns to those who enjoy porn.

That, we are in this together and more alliance is needed.

There are harmful laws that need opposed and they are what drive the banks who drive the policy changes.

Also a reminder that this was something driven by the recklessness of PornHub, so consider whether you want to watch or profit from porn which has been sat next to content where the site owners couldn’t care their age or consent status.

Also. To avoid potentially been caught out by some future shifts.
1) Always make sure content is within site rules.
2) Don’t try to side step banned words (p0ppers, int0x, etc)
3) Consider learning about how to use crypto. It’s unlikely to be a full replacement any time soon, but if a site has to temporarily send and receive payments in crypto, being set up works as a contingency.
4) Consider selling on other sites if you don’t already. But, remember, they’ll also be likely to be reviewed and there is set up time involved.
5) Direct your anger to the right places. C4S biggest crime is not being as clear to communicate, but it has been a frantic time.