I feel I’ve been a bit lax in doing the diary posts for some of the filming days and so wanted to get back on it.

I think part the problem was I was doing a lot of filming very bundled together in a short space of time. I’m not sure.

So. 2019 finished on a high with a filming day with Devon Breeze and Princess Organa to the extent that I walked out thinking “yeah, I can be done for the year – I’m happy with that”

It was almost 2 months later before my next filming day – which was filming with Miss Kendal for Fetish SINema.

facesittingjeans1 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Fetish SINema3 years in the making

So. Background.
This in ways is almost 3 years in the making!
I had previously had a session with Miss Kendal in August 2017 and we’d discussed the prospects of filming sometime (I think she had or was about to do some filming with Divine Goddesses who I’d been doing things with as a film sub at the time).

I’d become aware of Miss Anna Elite through some of the collabs she had been doing with Miss Kendal and I was genuinely thrilled to see them launch Fetish SINema together.

This was always going to be a bit of a dream to be part of so I was of course thrilled to be invited to come down.

The way things fell, Miss Anna was unavailable, but while this is a shame in some ways – I still have the wonderful opportunity to film with someone I like and respect so I don’t feel like I lose out.

I do have a little bit nerves. I often do. But, I think nerves can be a good thing as it stops me getting complacent; I want to do a good job as well as having a good time.
It’s also been a little bit of a while since filming for me, so there’s sometimes a little bit of a build up of excitement.

I think things like pacing and structure helps.  There was a plan of what we’d be filming and as well as being good for setting up rooms or sorting outfits (an easy job for me, ha!) it helps with continuity and build up.

pervertneighbour3 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Fetish SINemaDown to business

So.  Starting with a Louboutin clip which largely shows of the shoes but incorporates a little bit of scratching and trampling and worship I think sets the ball rolling nicely.

There’s some jeans facesitting which I quickly learn is a lot more harsh than many other clothing options.

There’s a little bit of a first time. We do a strap on clip, but this is with me on my back.
I have done strap on on my back before, but never on camera.
That I’m also used as an ashtray during this clip… that’s definitely a first time.

The day continues with a feast of fun; foot fetish, spanking, smoking, caning…
I start to realise that I’ve done caning on camera a few times; but it’s very rare they get released!

It’s the first time I’ve been caned since July last year.  It feels different. But, I think it’s a slightly harsher cane and someone who has specialised in it.  I am looking forward to seeing the results.
I’m not a big fan of caning; but this was one I was very happy to go through.

There’s assorted added bonuses sometimes.  Subspace is a rarity in filming; but there’s a couple of opportunities to drift in and out of the bliss.  I imagine the relaxed atmosphere goes a long way to helping this.  But, just moments on the lonnnng train home and the next day that sparks a light inside that goes “yay!”.

Sometimes things work out beautiful all round.

And that’s my first filming day of the year.  If the rest are half as good I’ll have had an amazing year.


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