It wasn’t an intention to go for a landmark number of clips; but, perhaps that in itself was why doing my 200th clip was so valuable.

I’d talked on and off about doing some filming with Nina Hiss – and good fortune had meant that she was available at a time I was in London anyway for a concert.

tramplingkitchen2 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Nina Hiss - and a clip landmark

trampling in the kitchen

German Industrial/Metal act Oomph! had announced their first ever UK date (a band with 30 years of history!).  Although I’ve seen them before, in Germany, the opportunity to see them on “home soil” was one I couldn’t turn down.

To be able to coincide with some filming, especially someone I admire, was a massive massive honour.

Accompanied with my wife, Mxtress Valleycat, we did a couple of one-on-one clips first – some foot worship in a kitchen; then some trampling – and finally an edging clip.

We then met with Nina Hiss who is a warm and friendly person. W e’d had the privilege of meeting her at Pedestal in January where she was so helpful and so it was nice to catch up properly.

First Times
Screen Shot 2019 03 20 at 21.13.34 300x167 - Diary : Filming with Nina Hiss - and a clip landmark

about to be flushed

“I’ve never flushed anyone’s head down the toilet,” she said, before our first clip.”That’s OK,” I replied, “I’ve never had my head flushed down the toilet before” – so, we started with a first time for us both!

This was followed up with a double trampling scene, with both having a lot of fun run and jumping and climbing over me. Intense at times, but fun.

Another first time for me followed with some double arm pit worship.

A little fun was had with a humiliation scene which also paved many potential future clip ideas (it’s amazing how ideas can breed ideas)

As always with these things, time is always the cruellest of them all – and there’s questions on whether to do one more clip or not.

A landmark….
IMG 7824 169x300 - Diary : Filming with Nina Hiss - and a clip landmark

An unexpected makeover

“It would be my 200th…”

And. I do get obsessed on numbers, stats and landmarks – and sometimes these are things which can mean more to me than others – but, in ways this was perfect.
No real pre-planning, hype, or expectation – but…. still a great clip.

A nearby secluded area give good opportunity for a public human ashtray scene. Away from the public enough to not stray on consent but, close enough that there was the added excitement and public humiliation aspect.

I know this has been a hot topic lately – but – all things and risks considered – it didn’t unknowingly involve non-consenting passers-by.

And with all that – a wonderful wonderful day. After a time where I’ve not been filming much lately, it was good to be able to slide straight back into things and hopefully contribute towards some great clips.

Until next time.


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