There’s a few things I want to celebrate in this post.

There are some things people who know me will likely know.

I’ve been a filming slave for the past 18 months knocking up nearly 100 clips.

20171015 1600250 225x300 - Diary : Filming with Mx Valleycat at Studio F2-8Whilst the relationship with my wife is probably not unique, it’s certainly not conventional and so there’s often a free hall pass to go do what I do with amazing women.

What you might not know is that my wife, Mxtress Valleycat, and I are both switches and one of the biggest shames is that she doesn’t always get chance to show her Dominant side for assorted reasons.

Earlier this year, she started on AdultWork offering sessions via IM.

Over time this has grown a little bit, she occassionally does some cam work and has started filming POV clips.

It made sense for me to help her with a couple of Mxtress (her preferred honorific) and slave clips so, I have been on occasion.

With local dungeon options being limited, we couldn’t resist the idea of doing a proper day of photos and filming in a local studio.
Studio F2.8 in Darlington has a number of different themed rooms alongside a Dungeon and the owner is very kink friendly.

fl img 5286 200x300 - Diary : Filming with Mx Valleycat at Studio F2-8The original plan was to do a co-shoot with another local Mistress and slave which would have given option to mix and match and get lots of content and different scenes we can’t do together done with someone else.
Unfortunately, illness ruled them out late on, but… having such a good day gives an advantage for future opportunities.

The studio is fab. We didn’t know what would be there so brought a lot of our own outfits and toys, but there’s rooms full of goodies – the studio owner, Graham, was also very happy to help out with some photos and setting up given we were bodies down which was massively appreciated.

The first stop was in the garden, the scene we filmed there was one for the Hallowe’en special series, it involves foot spells… the link is at the bottom of this post.

Moving in to the elegant lounge area, there’s a clip that takes a life of it’s own – what was meant to just be a simple stocking worship gains layers and layers to become a pretty exciting clip.

fl img 5257 200x300 - Diary : Filming with Mx Valleycat at Studio F2-8A couple of POVs in the boudair in the form of a bum worship and a giantess, before a little(?!) platform worship.

With time running away from us a bit there’s only time for one more clip. So we go into the dungeon for a little chest flogging and nipple torture.

Believe it or not… this run easy takes us to 5 hours. Absolutely flies over. Of course, outfit changes add to the time a lot.  Also, a lot of setting up cuts into town. But, we end up with 6 clips and 6 photo sets.

So… we achieved.
Her first proper filming day.
Our first proper day filming together
A first proper look at Studio f2.8, there’s a lot of potential for future ideas and we’ll be back soon to make use of more of their facilities.

img 5190 2 200x300 - Diary : Filming with Mx Valleycat at Studio F2-8Phew… now let’s try to reschedule a joint shoot.

All photos credit to MarshallPhotos


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