Last week I released my first blog of 2024.
In my peak I think I was managing 30-40 per year, so basically fortnightly.

So this asks two questions
What on Earth have I been up to the past 6 months – which I’ll come onto in a moment
Why is my frequency dried right up.

So here goes.

There’s three main reasons why the blog has slowed right down


Firstly is other stuff has taken priority.
Within kink that might well be my own store and the admin I do for others. But also outside of kink this involves some stuff I’m involved with in music, while also I’ve been sorting out moving house and selling an old flat.
So it’s important not to get in the way of things that make me money, things that can lose me money, other priorities and ways to relax and unwind.  I am really bad at taking time to relax and unwind.

The second is that inspiration hasn’t leapt out so much.
Very little that has made me go “Hell yeah, I must write a blog on that!” and while of course there have been some wonderful film days I could easily diary about, it felt weird if everything was just an extended advert for my content.

The third is morale.
That, the blogs are not getting as much engagement and traction as they once did.  And I don’t think this is because they’re not good, but that twitter was previously a very major referrer, and this isn’t as good now for people reading/engaging/retweeting/etc
This isn’t anything ‘shadowban’ related, but in how people use twitter.  Along that some of the bigger supporters of the blog who were very good for also getting others to read, are no longer on twitter or are less active.

That while irony, I started some blogging and posts for my own processing and it didn’t matter if others really engaged, we’ve gone to a circle point where actually this is important – because I’m not getting so much benefit from self processing any more.
Which could be a fourth reason.

I guess mind, should anyone feel they want to help. A very simple step is to go through and read some of my other blogs if you have time.
And, if there’s any you particularly like, share them. Link to them. So on.


So, aside from clearing out a flat, carrying out expensive work, trying to relax… what have I been up to?

I’ll skip some elements of my personal life for privacy. But I have started going to more football matches which have been a good way to force me to take a break.
And, umm, I did tie in some filming with some away days, ha!

I guess firstly, I decided to try a couple of creators days.
This is a slightly different approach to the whole, hiring out a space and filming some scenes.

That it’s a shared space, basically a swingers club with themed rooms, you pay a contribution and can set up collabs in hour slots.
I’ve done some wonderful scenes and met some wonderful people – Miss Maverick, Rosa Valentine, Goddess Meg, and more.
Although some of these can be chaotic and stressful.  While I’m happy with what I got out, it feels like there’s easier ways to get it, so I’ll rule nothing out but have to make sure it’s a best route to go down for me.

But also I did some individual shoots.

An overdue reunion with Diana Von Rigg, we did possibly the most erotic smoking scene I’ve ever done, while also the most painful orgasm.

After so many years of talking about it; finally stuff done with Divine Domino, hurray, we had such a lot of fun with a range of ideas.

A few new scenes with Goddess Rachie (previously Rachie Baby, I definitely feel the name update was a good move)

and a nice studio day in JDL Studios with my wife, Mx Valleycat, long-term collaborator and good friend, Cate McQueen and my first meeting with Miss Audrey Brynn

So good.

Still ironing some bits out to release the crux of some of those scenes.

It does mean I do have content now for most of the year.
Does that mean I’m gonna slow down