I think this sets a current record – W/we had talked about filming again since W/we first met… 14 months previously.

Of course, W/we have met since then – but filming is always a different context.

In today’s filming – I am with Miss Suzanna Maxwell and Purple Tog is also assisting.

DcBm4xZWsAAhIle 202x300 - Diary : Clip 100 - Filming with Miss SuzannaWe do a tag team of swapping places between camera operator and film slave – which makes things quite efficient and effective.
No surplus bodies – and, well, the less people to manage the easier things go.

Speaking of records.
The first clip I am part of is my 100th clip.

Not a bad landmark when you consider filming was initially just something “I fancied trying”.
(Incidentally, if you also ‘fancy trying’ filming – you do need at least some knowledge, experience and background of BDSM.)

It’s a boot and foot worship scene. But, as a big boost for me – Miss Suzanna is in jeans and a vest top.

Why is this a boost to me?

Well, there’s a whole bunch of things I want to do and have either never directly asked for fear of topping for the bottom or accepted/hoped they’d happen naturally – and, well, I’ve wanted to do a more ‘plain clothes’ scene for a while.

As a surprise, Miss Suzanna has been working up a sweat for me, so there is a lovely aroma and sweaty feet to suck clean.

Hey… “lick my sweaty feet” isn’t a punishment for everyone. It’s a treat.

No, seriously.

DcgYvKkXUAAnDji 202x300 - Diary : Clip 100 - Filming with Miss SuzannaIt takes effort. I mean, sometimes it might happen because the day has been busy – but if there is someone who likes sweaty feet then there’s pre-planning and effort has gone into it. I don’t want to rip down the curtain too much, but it doesn’t just happen.

There’s a good mixture of clips and activities planned for the day. A lot of which makes me smile.

One thing that I have always done with Miss Suzanna is being marked with Her initial and today I didn’t know if it would be possible, so imagine my delight when She starts scratching Her ‘S’ into my chest with the heel of Her gorgeous Loubitins during a trampling scene.

It’s a scene that it’s impossible for me not to smile during (inside, if not out) as I get to experience feeling so small under Miss Suzanna towering above me.

Among other activities we do there is, as traditional, CP around the number 31. Having recently made some progress with my bum, She fucks my freshly caned arse across the room in another scene.
Speaking of landmarks, a recent meeting between U/us was the first time I’d taken a strap-on without a camera rolling (really, my very first time was on camera… I don’t recommend it) and now W/we can confidently create O/our first anal clip together.
I hope it looks as good as it felt.

The big finish is something… special… an idea I’d submitted was something that played on my foot fetish but made me work or suffer for it.
So, I don’t regret having to suck and lick hot Tabasco sauce from Her hot, sweaty feet.
Honestly, I thought I’d got myself into a situation I’d regret, but it was horrible but worth it.

However… comedy ending. I am instructed to masturbate onto Her feet.
Her feet which still have traces of the Tabasco on.

20180411 201117 300x202 - Diary : Clip 100 - Filming with Miss SuzannaFuck. Oww. Oww. Owwwwwwwww.

Tabasco, it goes great in a bolognese, on burgers… and on feet it would seem… but is quite painful when applied to cock after you’ve cum….

I feel I’ve maybe brushed over things a little too quickly. I’ll of course add links to all the clips when they’re available.

But, to wrap it up.
I am constantly humbled by invitations I receive – and although Miss Suzanna is someone I interact with regular-ish, it’s still a honour to receive an invitation to help Her.

She is a magnificient person and a pleasure to be around. There’s a lot of pride inside feeling I’ve been part of creating some great clips.

As always, I can’t wait until the next time W/we do something together…

The clips aren’t yet available, the blog will be re-editted with new stills and links when they are  🙂


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More to follow…