You know when you’re at a club or party and someone catches your eye?   You think, “Wow, they look amazing”, but then for any one of a million reasons you end up leaving having not said anything?

Well. That happens to me all the time.

But sometimes you end up following each other on Twitter and throw your hat in the ring when you see they’re looking at getting into filming and… boom… first film day of 2022.

WhatsApp Image 2022 01 11 at 20.06.45 200x300 - Diary : Meeting Miss Cate McQueenFIRST IMPRESSIONS

My first impressions of Miss Cate McQueen were awe as she rocked a latex catsuit at a Christmas Party – so obviously imagine my delight when she agreed to film with me.

We’d bounced a few ideas around and decided that we had some good rapport and so it’d be nice to try to film together a few times.

I like to tie things into loose scenarios because particularly in my store I like to sell some fantasy ideas.  Y’know, the idea that your next door neighbour caught you perving on them so humiliates you and beats you, or that the young lady you’re flat sharing with makes you into the house bitch – that type of thing.

We decided not to be over the top and so a kinda simple idea that Mistress has picked out a boy she wants to try out as her slave. This also made things easier to find out about each other.

We had some key ideas we wanted to do – but – eek – the ideas kept bouncing and we filmed a total of 14 scenes!  Which is the most I’ve done in a single day! Unfortunately, a couple aren’t usable (one might be saveable as part of a future idea!) but still, quite a haul and great team work.

We started by setting the scene with a slave inspection, though get crafty with some cinematic angles for a cool intro.
We move through some spanking and caning, some hot pegging, before some wonderful foot fun.


smell my feet no kissing 03 300x169 - Diary : Meeting Miss Cate McQueenWhile out of scene, Miss Cate McQueen is a Northern lady with a good friendly sparkle, in scene she’s a cold, cruel, Queen.  I fucking love how these have come out.
She also has a way with the camera, that she will look at the camera with piercing eyes, acknowledging the 4th wall while going nowhere near it.  Her eyes tell the story, “I know you are watching what I’m doing to him.  Watch closer”

The camera comes with us to make use of a smoking break and then, some breath play.

Now, I love spitting. Deeply. It’s one of my favourite fetishes and one that I think people have become very wary of due to covid.
So, I dunno, there’s something about doing a spitting clip that just feels extra naughty and taboo at the minute.

As we move through clips there is an exciting big finish.
To give you an idea, when I was editing the last clip my wife, Mx Valleycat, asked me “Holy Hell, how much can she pee?”
Oh, so so much… I ended up wriggling and slipping around on the floor in piss. Always, always good fun.

What is never fun though, is goodbyes. But there’s a train to catch (and Miss Cate has someone else she is filming with and needs to kick in the balls) but, there is one more smoking break before I go for the tube, this feeling so much extra naughty again being off camera.

In the excitement, I do end up getting the wrong tube.  Oops. And as I realise, the next station is closed… double oops.  But, I somehow scraped into Kings Cross with enough time to pick up a meal deal (and multiple cans of Jack and Coke) for the train home.

Such a great day, a hot day of filming with someone amazing and striking, I can’t wait to see what we do next.

Latex Gloves Spanking 25 300x169 - Diary : Meeting Miss Cate McQueenCLIPS

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Latex Gloves Spanking

108 Cane Strokes in Panties

Shiny Boot Worship

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