As touched upon in a recent blog, I recently filmed with Porcelain Beauty.
This was obviously something I’d wanted to do for a long time, to the extent of – well – I’ve mentioned in some blogs I keep an ‘interest list’ – I knew the original version of this list was taken from a Pro-Domme’s website and me then scoring activities She listed.
Turns out… it was Her website!

dsc 0097 - Diary : Filming with Porcelain BeautyWe’re on for an earlier start than normal, so this puts me on a 6am train from Newcastle.
This has taught me, quite quickly, that 6am is a little too early for a train!
For this and some building problems at home, I ended up staying in a hotel near the train station, to help with this early start.
Still, it’s something to consider another time!
PB actually hasn’t filmed in a year! She’s had enough content to tick over until then, as well as being hugely popular in both real time and online sessions, a reputation She’s rightfully built up over a long time.
Although we have met a few times, as I’ve filmed with DG Productions a few times now, it’s my first proper time of seeing Her in Mistress mode.
She did once joke, when I thanked Her for a coffee, “Well, there’s no point me being mean if you’re not paying for it”
To describe Her style, it’s a bit like the bully you’re mates with.  She likes people to have a little bit craic on with, there’s a little dry humour in there and a bit I-don’t-really-mean-it-but-actually-yes-I-do.
dsc 0058 - Diary : Filming with Porcelain BeautySo, how much you take it to heart depends on what you’re into.
I make a few fuck ups, some because there was a little bit deliberate misdirection and some because, well, brains can be weird… haha…in BDSM filming you don’t need to cut if you get you “Lines” wrong, you just get punished for it on camera!
But, I think this is another example of my own progress. I fucked up on camera earlier this year with someone and actually started crying cos I thought I’d ruined the clip.  I’ve still not seen said clip back, but got told my fuck up would actually help ‘make’ the clip because it plays into the whole ‘stupid slave’ kinda thing.
So, that I know it’s part of the game doesn’t hurt my mental well being.
I always want to do a good job and be good.  Playing to tears isn’t for me.
dsc 0104 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Porcelain BeautyAnyway.  10 clips today.
Ten is a nice number.  We start with the rough and end with the smooth.
So, a bit paddling and flogging for starters.
A bit rough to take.
I did joke at the start that initially I do always question if I actually like BDSM.  Ouch.
Then some caning.  Now… I was happy to take a caning, but, I’d mentioned that for some reasons I couldn’t be half killed today.  So, to compromise(?!) most of the caning was to the feet, which I hate.
I mean, it does slide in with what I will do.  But, ow.
The nicer side of things involves some boot worship, shoe worship, leg and bum worship, glove worship
There’s a running theme here.
But, it’s good.  I’ve not done much body worship and I do take it as a honour when invited to do so. It’s something I will never ask for – but very much appreciate.
dsc 0076 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Porcelain BeautyGlove worship is a first time for me.  It was fun.
Speaking of first times, it’s also the first time I do any hand-over-mouth breath play, which then becomes fitting as it’s something covered at the demo the next day.
As often the case, it’s a great day to be a part of. It’s a good opportunity to work with and help someone I’ve liked for a while.
This took me up to my 84 clips at the time
Whilst not a rush, I’d half hoped to hit 100 before the end of the year but running out of holiday days, and most filming being midweek, is making this hard.
But, we’ll see…
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Divine Goddesses website –
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dsc 0099 - Diary : Filming with Porcelain Beauty