Back in January, I wrote a blog post which was a story based on something which happened, which focused on a moment and a mood.

In my post it’s a long post which reflects over something which probably only took a few seconds in reality.
You can read my story here… clicky

I’m not really one for planting trigger words, but the right words at the right time sums up a moment and creates such dynamics. At the time I thought time was up or that I was finished… but no, “I’m not done with you yet” she told me…

That’s how I began this year.

Now, as I come to end it. A lot has happened. Much I never imagined would happen. A lot of it carries it’s own… well…
Sometimes time and money are the biggest limiters to our opportunities.

It’s been a busy year. In some ways this has been great, I’ve met a lot of amazing people. Some I admired previously, never thought I’d get to meet and have an extra awe about now because the experience was so positive.

I’ve met people whom I didn’t previously know who were and I feel all the better for having met them.

There have been a LOT of first-times this year, from watersports – which I’d fantasised about since a teen, to anal play, to smoking, to orgasm torture, trampling, breath play and so much more.

And when I say this… I mean, there’s obvious people you might think of if you know who I’ve met. But. Also, I’m talking about people at munches and events etc. not just – say – filming opportunities.

But yes, that’s been a big thing this year. It’s took me all over and introduced me to a lot of brilliant people. I’ve received emails I never imagined receiving and invites I never expected getting.

It’s true. I was sat having a coffee on a break on one filming. Chatting to the Mistress about people who kinda expect things to fall into their lap. “All you have to do is… well… get out there, everything you do has the potential to open doors”

Another big break through this year was taking over the Sunderland Munch. Largely this is Valleycat with my help, but, well – still : it was nice to be selected to carry the baton forward – although – forward mostly being trying to keep it as it was. Mild challenge in recent months with the venue shift, but, thanks for everyone for being understanding and supportive and we will be looking at options in the new year.
Genuinely, we’re grateful to many in the community for their backing in this – just coming up and having a good time is good for us.

We’ve had a few more instances of the School of Corrections and I feel my confidence is improving with this and I’m also really thrilled many are placing their trust in me to receive their punishment (for newcomers to me, I’m a switch – although I did have a Eureka moment recently of how the Women are still in control even when I top : although, I do also beat unruly boys…) and it’s just been a lot of fun.


Away from BDSM – the big news this year was I married Valleycat, we’ve been together 7 1/2 years, so, it’s about time really. We’ve been together long enough to know we’ll work and of course that we’re quite open with each other about involvement is both amazing to find someone like that and it pretty much strengthens our relationship. So, although I haven’t played since we wed… this wouldn’t change what can and can’t be done in play.

To bring us back to the point of my opening paragraph.

2016 has been very good to me from a BDSM perspective.  I’m very happy with all I’ve got out of things.
It appears doing things with the right attitude does indeed open more doors.

Although, I won’t lie. There have been low points, especially in horrible sub-drops or when I had a phase where I wasn’t hitting subspace (it just fucking hurts) I think the overall feeling remains.

Of course, all of this was done just under the aim to “have fun” and “explore” and largely things haven’t changed. I have no overall end goal. No targets, It’s all about being in the moment and seeing where the moment leads.

2017 I see as being a development from that. There’s already been some exciting things discussed in the background which I hope can happen. Meeting new people is an exciting prospect, but as is developing relationships with those where there is good connection.

It’s difficult to know what can and can’t be done, but one thing is for certain….

BDSM : I’m not done with you yet.
We’re only just getting started.