I first met Lady Valeska at a filming and Femdom event in Evesham back in 2019.

At the time my clip store was in it’s infancy, but she was really kind enough to let me use a one-on-one clip we’d done for her OnlyFans in my store – and that was both nice and unexpected.

Not just that but of course she was someone whose company I’d enjoyed being around over those couple of days.

So, there was always hope we’d do more again.

photo 2021 02 15 20 37 54 225x300 - Diary : Filming with Lady ValeskaWe had missed each other on some of my other London trips, but, third time lucky!

Only the evening worked, so it was a literal 2 hour window to get as much done as possible and we were very efficient to chat, film and get out within that time.   I was hoping we’d manage 4 clips, and we did.

Foot Worship is always good to either start or finish with, easy to set up and go.

We have 3 cameras on tripods, so the main challenge is just getting them all in useful places and not in shot of each other.  Ha, but we managed.

Some trampling and bouncing next – I do forget how tall she is sometimes. Some CBT thrown in for good measure.

Slowing things down with some latex gloved breath play – then finishing with some facesitting with more CBT.


Although the time flies over, it did feel like a good balance and well paced.
It was so nice to see her again after so long, though hopefully next time diaries might align in ways where there’s more time.

But, until then – a catch up is always good.

Gothic Giantess Facesitting 17 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Lady ValeskaCLIPS

Giantess Trampling and CBT

Worshipping Her Giant Feet

More to follow


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