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Mistresses are Rock Stars

As some of you know, I’ve a bit of a background in the music industry (often described as “my other expensive hobby” – though, neither I see as hobbies, moreso lifestyles – but hey ho) I’ve often seen many parallels… Continue Reading →

Only Fans and Horses

There’s been a rise recently in Premiem Content playforms, by that I mean stuff like OnlyFans, Premium Snapchat and a few other bits popping up here and there. Inevitably, this has led to a rise in disapproval in them, be… Continue Reading →

What will you do when the person you admire retires?

Mistress Ana posed a question on twitter earlier this week. What will you do when the person you admire most, whoever they are, retires and completely washes their hands of adult/sex work? It’s actually a fear of mine. And reminds… Continue Reading →

Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

I mentioned in my blog last time that no two filming days are the same, so yet again it’s always good for a new experience. Whilst there was a worrying doubt that the shoot today might not be able to… Continue Reading →

So you want to be a film slave

A few months ago I wrote a blog about filming to mark a year of it (read that here), I’ll probably do a direct follow up next year to mark two years of it – but in the meantime… It… Continue Reading →

My Wife and Our Relationship

One idea I toyed with was doing blogs about my favourite Mistresses and why they are so wonderful. I might do that, one day.   But regardless, I think it’d be more apt to do one about the most special… Continue Reading →

Staying Safe : Avoiding Scammers

There’s been a bit of a rise recently in attempted scammers. And, general chancers are fairly common. Some have been fairly blatant, clear bots. Some, I’ve seen people at least initially fall for. These are damaging to the whole industry… Continue Reading →

Lucky for me I don’t believe in luck…

Lucky for me I don’t believe in luck. You see it all the time. “Lucky sub, wish that was me”, “Lucky guy”, etc. I don’t believe in luck. Mind. I say that, I do often feel “lucky”.

Why is it always about money?

Why is it always about money? aka – Pro-Shaming “Where are all the women?” has been a lowly battle cry since the dawn of the internet. It’s like the desperate mating call from the male who never leaves his house… Continue Reading →

The Difficult Second Session

I’ve been feeling a little reflectively lately. I do now and then. Today marks one year since the second occasion I booked a Private Session with a Professional Mistress. I think it’s interesting to remember some of my feelings going… Continue Reading →

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