“Wanna Make Content” – the rise of the fake male performer

There’s been a little bit of a worrying trend lately.
I’m not so much talking about the rise of young ladies on OnlyFans.  The rise of sock/picture/custom/sellers or even the rise of scammers.

(Though, scammers are annoying – and the others are complicated but the current economic situation isn’t helping)

Every now and then on a casting group, or classified group or simply replying to these young women.

“Wanna make content?”
Usually from a mostly blank profile.  From a guy who has never made content. (May possibly have had sex in the past. Or some/limited kink experience)

In some cases the guys have even signed up and have sellers accounts on one platform or another, as if it gives them some legitimacy.
Or excuse their blank profile with “I’m just starting out” because, well, “everyone starts somewhere!”

There are just so many problems with these guys.


While would be escorts, porn stars and film subs are nothing new.   It does feel like there’s been an awful lot more trying to pass in recent months.

There is a very good article here – particularly about men pretending to be sex workers.

In short – I personally feel it’s an attempt to capitalise on a situation.

Obviously there has been a sharp rise in young women taking up online sex work.  A lot due to economic circumstances prior to the pandemic, but a lot throughout.  Especially those who since found themselves out of work and struggled to get back into it.  Some perhaps already interested and used it as a bump, others maybe in a “let’s give this a go” boat.

A lot who do sexual content might do so with a boyfriend/partner.  Even if it’s someone who doesn’t show face; plenty of POV blowjob scenes.
For those doing fetish, many might be filmed with a sub in a hood or mask.

And of course, plenty who just work solo.
So, a little bit of projection between assuming those who work solo must obviously want someone to film with.

But, also, occasionally someone will mention about wanting someone to film with, “Pick me!” comes the cry from the inexperienced guy (sometimes backed up with “but I’ll need to wear a mask”) when what the person really means is “they’re available to work with an established certified performer” not “any guy from the street”

Which also, hence, has led people to pretend they’ve some form of experience and credibility.


I mean, of course.  But I think first off to be pretending you have experience which you don’t (be it in filming, performing, certain kinks, whatever) is dishonest and in an industry built on trust is not a good start.
The “I’m up for anything” mantra also isn’t really helpful because let me tell you, they’re not.

But, otherwise – it’s kinda creepy.
It’s basically hitting on strangers and asking for sex (or kinks/fetishes).

That’s the simple point.

But even any form of pushing-for-a-date still goes with the assumption that she surely wants to do something with you “for content”.

But, this isn’t the limit to the problems…


Obviously everyone starts somewhere with experience.  In terms purely of fetish, the place to explore and get experience is seldom on camera.  There should already be a rough idea of likes, interests, limits and levels from experience gained in clubs, sessions, private play, so on before switching to the camera.

Inexperienced subs make for bad clips.

And in terms of anything sexual, there’s no certainty that he will be able to “perform” – or how to act if things aren’t to plan.

I’ve heard tell of men being unable to get erect and then being angry and blaming the woman they’re filming with.


Going into performing/filming should never be a knee jerk reaction and there is time needed up front.
Within the sex industry as a whole, testing for STI’s is important.
That even if it is just fetish filming/services – while you may not be doing penetrative sex it’s still in an environment where assorted bodily fluids are often present.

Equally, you can catch an STI from a prosthetic, so, doing strap-on/anal does require STI testing.

Generally speaking, a lot of activities are low risk here, so regular testing for peace of mind if a good move.

Obviously different people have different requirements but within the sex industry if penetration is involved (or anal/oral/blowjobs/etc) then certification is usually requested.

I’m saying this as something important for women considering working with someone as much as anyone else.

This basically involves going to a clinic (not your local GP) and requesting a certificate of your results.  This also means, when you are being tested you need to tell the person that you are (or intend to) make adult industry films.

There is a charge for this (varies between clinics) but obviously if you are someone who is serious about being a performer then this won’t be an issue.

But, someone who does end up quite active without being properly tested risks being party to an outbreak.

Incidentally, often 3 months worth of certs are required – this is due to HIV having a 3-month incubation period.


Sometimes a problem is that the men feel they are “doing you a favour by turning up to film.”  This can be especially common within some fetish filming when there’s a lot of pay-to-film situations.

Obviously, of course, there’s a lot of content that has potential to do very well that wouldn’t be possible without a film sub or male performer, but there’s a line between appreciating and entitlement.

Problems this can cause includes pushy behaviour, or steering away from what you want to what they want.


I mentioned above regarding the anonymity of a lot of male performers.  Obviously masks are often common in fetish filming, with some Dominants even preferring masked subs.  But, this also means they can be less recognisable if they’ve been a problem in another shoot.  Or, less recognisable if this isn’t something they pursue.

So they want to “make content” but don’t want to show their face, their non-commitment suggests it’s not “content” they’re interested in.

Obviously, of course there are known film subs who wear masks.   Whilst every story is different, most were well known in the fetish community and/or to the Dominants before getting involved in filming.


I think in some ways it’s yet-another negative trait that some men are trying to manipulate what they want.

That if you feel you need certain content, there are those with experience you can advertise for or specifically reach out to (even to experienced film subs for fetish filming!)

And well – to not be afraid to ask for evidence of experience… and certs if required!


Obviously everyone starts somewhere.
I’ve written about getting into fetish filming herewith an updated blog hereand a reminder this isn’t a shortcut here

And if you’re wanting to get into otherwise porn, well, I haven’t blogged on that – but – at the least, book in your first appointment at a clinic…