We’re not very far into 2021.  2020 didn’t really go the way any of us envisioned and, I think, there is a good possibility of things to look forward to in 2021.

I don’t know how the situation will be in different countries, but, for the UK I would expect that after the priority groups are vaccinated that we will start to see restrictions eased.

Granted, some things might become more practical later rather than sooner.  For example it might be that bars and venues can reopen, but if there’s things like social distancing and group limits or whatever it makes some things less viable.

There’s little/no point in a munch without mingling.

But still, in the UK it’s expected everyone will have been at least offered a vaccine by the Autumn and, while I don’t have a crystal ball, I wouldn’t be too surprised if by then we can do most of what we *could* do.

Or even if not… here are 10 goals for 2021 we can all do… (don’t worry, it’s not all covid related)

1) Avoid unnecessary risks

To start off with an obvious. Covid cases in the UK are quite high at the minute which increases your risk of being exposed.
Whilst everyone has different circumstances; making decisions that puts you at risk also puts others at risk.

Whilst the vast majority of people who catch covid are OK, there’s still little known on long term health effects.   Those who’ve suffered ‘long covid’ have been struck with fatigue for months.

If everything is opening back up and you can’t go 30 minutes without feeling exhausted, you’re going to miss out on a lot of stuff!

Whilst the “it’s just to flatten the curve” and “it’s just a little while longer” has gone on, well, 9 months. We really are heading in the home straight.

2) Consume porn ethically

I know of course how tempting it can be when you want something new to the porn you already have/seen and a few searches on some tube sites can be very tempting.

The thing is, those who made the clips don’t see any money from this.

Even if it’s there legitimately on a revenue share deal, the cut is often low outside of premium services.

There’s also, of course, the problem that if you’ve been following things like the PornHub story that a lot of the content that this footage you were fapping over was not meant to be there, or sat next to things that were not meant to be there.

Like rape, or child porn.

A lot of the clip stores follow a lot more due diligence. Including verified store owners, and ID and copy of signed forms.

Whilst this does cost money, you at least know the person is being paid and everything is above board. Especially at a time when people need it the most…

3) Support your favourite creators

Particularly if it’s someone who you like a lot of their free posts or previews.  It doesn’t have to be much.
It can be buying a couple of clips, sending a small tip, or subscribing to their OnlyFans for a month or something.

This is an industry that has been hit hard and it’s unsurprising that some have said they will not return.

(Equally, don’t get fooled by some of the headline figures for sites like OF.  Around 60-80% of people on there are banking less than minimum wage)

If your finances are also light. Support can be in helping promote the above.

4) Look to improve knowledge or a skill

This can be something short term or long term.  If you’re a sub guy wanting to learn more, you can take some time while we can’t all meet to do some reading. Broadening knowledge.  Be it about kink in general, or specific areas you want to know more about.
Google is your friend.

Equally, other skills can be honed by everyone – be it getting more quality out of filming. Editing clips. Learning certain platforms. Whatever.

5) Consider doing something you’d previously put off

When lockdown one first hit, there were a lot of people flapped into this realisation that something they’d always ‘thought’ about doing – they now couldn’t.

Had there been no covid, no lockdown, whatever, there’s a chance that a year later it’s still something they wouldn’t have got round to.

So, here’s the thing.  When you can… do it.

Go to the munch. The fetish event. Book the session.  Ask a play partner about the kink you want to try.  Do it!

6) Don’t push boundaries

One thing you may find is that you are ready to meet people, to go to bars, to go to events or whatever before others are.

That’s to be expected. Everyone’s circumstances are different and people move at different paces.

Right now there are some people who are meeting, either through necessity or disregard – and many that are not.

Boundaries should always be respected. But, more than ever, don’t pressure people into doing things before they’re ready.

7) Leave Toxic People Behind

Again, this is something good for any time. But, more than ever…

There’s going to become a point where plans are afoot to meet people, to do things and spend time.
But there’ll be people that you don’t need to pick things back up with.

Those whose company you maybe didn’t enjoy but you tolerated or did through routine.  Or those who have somewhat questionable views but they’re “your friend” even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

That they’re not enough of a friend to respect others in your friend circle.

Similarly. You don’t need to keep taking bookings from the client you don’t really enjoy spending time with; nor booking with the same SWer if it was just through habit.

8) And work on your own bad habits

Perhaps the word ‘toxic’ might seem harsh when you apply to yourself. As a little secret, none of us are perfect. That’s OK, but it’s also cool to look at where you can improve and working on that.
To make sure you’re not one of the people left behind.

I’m not saying to convince yourself that you’re a bad person, because you’re not.
But none of us are perfect either.

If, for example, your timekeeping drives people nuts – look to work on this.
If, sometimes you can be unpleasant after drink or drugs – look to cut these down.
If, you often dump problems on other people – look at resources to help solve more of these yourself.

And, well, whoever you are – if you’re in the wrong, it’s always encouraging to put your hands up, and apologise.

You can even do this retrospectively with those you’ve not spoken to in a long time.

9) Check in on those you like

But, there might be someone you haven’t spoken to or seen for a long time you do like.

The amount of friendships that drift away over time because neither person picks up the phone, or email to go, “Hey, how are you?” is really quite sad.

Obviously of course, context.

The person you bumped into once at a fetish event and quite fancy probably doesn’t need you hitting on them under the guise of “checking in”.

The last, well, year has been tough on a lot of people and of course just because someone hasn’t ‘checked in’ doesn’t mean they’re not thinking of you or no longer wish to be your friend.

But one of you probably needs to make the first move…

…again, even if it’s someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

10) You don’t have to return to how things were, it’s a chance to start fresh

There’s probably things you can’t wait to go back to.  But, all habits are effectively broken.

You don’t have to go to the same bars, watching the same bands with the same people. Or going to the same clubs, drinking the same drinks and getting the same takeaway before being fleeced in a taxi.

You can do things differently, especially if you want things to go in a different direction.

Especially if, well, if the past year has highlighted things you couldn’t do.