More and more people are looking into opening their own clip store, or are considering the benefits of being on multiple.

It’s very easy to get carried away and a lot of pros and cons I want to look at in this guide.

Firstly.  Having a clip store at all.

  • Revenue source (via clip sales)
  • Good passive income (clips that are listed always have a potential to sell and make money)
  • A way to promote yourself or brand (people see you, your name, etc. more and become more aware of you)
  • Depending on what resources you have there are set up costs (recording equipment, lights, editing software/computer, the actual costs of making the clips.)
  • The time (planning, losing a day to making clips, then having to edit/upload/etc. while also keeping on top of rule changes or fighting piracy)
  • It’s a risk (the cost to make the clips exists, but there’s never any certainty they’ll do well)
  • Once it’s on the web, it’s on the web (if you decide to later leave the industry, pulling everything down can be a losing battle)

Now it might be at this point, for whatever reason, you decide not to proceed in opening a clip store.  Some people love filming. Some find it lacks the rhythm of a session.

But, if you continue – then I recommend opening a clip store on just one platform.  But if you are on one platform already and are looking at branching out and opening a clip store on others.

Multiple Platforms versus One

  • Increases Coverage (being on more sites reaches more people)
  • Reach more fans (some fans have other preferred sites)
  • Safety Net (if one site suddenly disappears you’re already set up elsewhere)
  • More Sites equals more time and more work. (and not, necessarily, more revenue)
  • More rules to remember on which content is and isn’t allowed.

Picking your platform(s)

This is a non-exhaustive list of different platforms and some of their advantages and disadvantages.
Some of these are dedicated/primarily clip stores, some are other sites that also let you sell clips.

I would be keen to add to this list if anyone can provide more information.


Summary: A fairly longstanding website dedicated for clips.  It has hundreds of categories you can put your clips into (and you’re allowed the same clip to be listed in up to 4 different formats, though the recommended limit is 2) with each category also having a ‘Top 50’ for both studios and clips.   This is especially good because if you’re running a niche a couple of sales can very quickly propel you up the charts, making it easier for people to find you.

Payout : 60% commission (C4S currently adds local VAT to the buyer.  So a clip you list for $10 – the buyer pays $10+VAT and you see $6.)
Upload Interface : Clips (pics/gifs/promos) can be uploaded via their web interface, or in the background using FTP.  Once uploaded they are available to be selected for sale at any time.
Preview Gif : You can upload your own, or c4s will autogenerate you one
Trailer : You can upload your own OR select a fixed period of the clip which c4s will generate a 10 second trailer from.  There’s also a tool to create your own preview, but it’s clunky and I’ve never seen it work!
Ease of Listing Clips : Very easy.  Lots of categories to choose from and free text fields for custom keywords
Scheduling : Yes. You can list a clip and have it ‘go live’ at any time.  Though this defaults to EST, so you might have to work out what time you actually want your clip to go live, and factor in daylight savings.
Other features : The reports make it easy to show what clips have been selling and what types of clips are selling. There’s good stats to see where you’re getting traffic from.  They’ve also signed up to TakeDownPiracy which means if someone buys your clip and then tries to upload elsewhere that it’s easier for C4S to find this and take it down on your behalf.
General Pros : Ease of use. Good passive sales through traffic.  The mailing list feature is a nice added bonus.
General Cons : Parts of the interface are clunky and old.  There are plans to improve and modernise, but progress has been slow.  Tweeting out new clips and sales is sometimes unreliable.



Summary : Another popular website dedicated mostly to clips.  They do have a phoneline built in also.  There’s also a very easy way to build a form to accept customs. Femdom specific.

Payout : 60% commission (they currently do not add VAT to the buyer, but it’s expected they may have to)
Upload Interface : Clips can be uploaded by either the web interface when listing clips, or via FTP.  If using FTP, the clips will only sit in the ‘waiting’ area for a month and then you’ll need to upload again if the clip is unlisted.
Preview Gif : you can upload your own, but their generator is really good!
Trailer : you can upload your own, but their generator is really good!
Ease of Listing Clips: Mostly easy.  You select two main categories then up to 10 keywords from a predetermined list.  You might find it a little frustrating for some categories which I’ll come onto in ‘cons’.
Scheduling : Yes. When you’re listing a clip you can set it to any day/time in the future
Other features : The custom form is amazing.
General Pros : Easy to use. Relatively good for traffic.  Very reliable for tweeting out.
General Cons : There’s a lot of blocked categories and terms.  This can be frustrating when it flags you need to change your description, or when categories such as “CBT” corrects to “CBT fantasy” – and, I will never understand why Fisting changes to “Fissting”



Summary : Another popular website.  Not wildly different from some of the others.

Payout : 60% commission. (VAT not added)
Upload Interface : FTP is not supported, but there’s a good web based loading interface where you can upload and leave until you’re ready to list.
Preview Gif : Not supported
Trailer : You can upload your own, or select any point of your clip to create a 20 second trailer from. This is however clunky and time consuming to render and generate.
Ease of Listing Clips : Medium.  You select 5 categories, with some very strange additions (The Stanley Cup ?!) but no custom words. Preview pic and trailer are mandatory and sometimes time consuming.
Scheduling : Yes, you can list and set for any time in the future. Defaults to local time.
Other features : Also supports customs and the “MV Crush” is there mini version of an OnlyFans-style site.
General Pros : Easy to use.
Cons : Easy to get lost amongst the camgirls!



Summary : Mostly used for escort/etc listings but has gradually expanded to offer phone and cam lines, along with clips

Payout : You are paid in ‘credits’ which the user buys 1 credit = £1.  But are charged 30% when you come to cash out.  If you make money on cam, you are lose 5% of your take there and then to justcamit, followed by the 30% when you cash out.  AW have also since added VAT to these which would make it 6% and 36% retrospectively.  So for clips you see 64%
Upload Interface : FTP is supported but complex.  There’s a web based interface for uploads which is easier however you must list there and then.
Preview Gif : Not Supported.  You can select a thumbnail from some suggested.
Trailer : Not Supported
Ease of Listing Clips : Mildly Easy. Categories are optional but there’s very limited choice.
Scheduling : No
Other features : Fans who follow your profile get a notification when you’ve uploaded.
General Pros : The payout rate works out fairly good. It’s also good for upsell i.e. if you’re in cam with somebody you can tell them about your clips
General Cons : Users don’t really use it to look for clips.  If you are not intending to cam on the site, sales will be low unless promoted.  As users have to buy credits to then spend it’s also not the best user experience if they just want clips.



Summary : Femdom based site owned by the same team who own the OWK.   Mandatory to have a store here if you wish to film with the OWK.

Payout : 70%
Upload Interface : Web based. FTP not supported.
Preview Gif : You can make a gif by picking 3 stills they auto generate
Trailer : You can upload your own.
Ease of Listing Clips : Fair.  Quite clunky and categories are limited.
Scheduling : Yes. You can future date clips.
Other Features : No
General Pros : Generous payout and with there being very few stores you’re certain of more time on the front page
General Cons : Traffic is low and there’s a higher percentage of chargebacks compared to other sites.  It’s very easy to see how many people started a store so they could film with the OWK and then abandoned their store after they filmed!


xHamster Premium

Summary : A tubesite turned legit.  As well as being able to upload to the ‘free’ site there’s a premium site where you can list videos for sale.

Payout : For clip sales this is dire.  Between around 35% depending on how many tokens the buyer bought from xHamster.  So while we can set what we want to see for a clip – say – $5 – this would cost most users nearly $15
Upload Interface : Web based.  Clips can be stored without publish for unlimited time
Preview Gif : not supported
Preview Trailer : xHamster promote your clip with really nice trailers they make for you
Ease of Listing Clips : Easy.  But limited category options (max 5)
Scheduling : No. In fact, you list the clips then have to wait for it to be manually approved
Other features : It’s very easy to set up a fan club and submit your videos to revenue share programmes (only Gold Members can view your clips, but you get a share of the revenue)
General Pros : Really nice previews. Easy to use. Promoted via main xHamster site. Revenue share an added bonus
General Cons : The commission makes individual clips REALLY expensive, or cuts really low.



Summary : You know PornHub, right? Well they have ModelHub where users can sell videos.

Payout : 65% commission
Upload Interface : Web based, fairly clunky
Preview Gif : Auto Generated
Preview Trailer : You have to make your own, list it as it’s own clip, then link the two.  A lot of unnecessary labour!
Ease of Listing Clips : Moderate.  The interface is clunky. Linking trailers is extra work. And, you need to make sure all your model releases, ID, paperwork is available (you should be doing this anyway, but they’re very strict on seeing this before it can be listed)
Scheduling : Yes
Other features : You can also have a revenue share from anything listed for free (providing users are logged in and not using ad blockers!)
General Pros : Everyone has heard of PornHub.  Being able to link previews for free that directs people to your paid content
General Cons : The set up is laborious and you’re selling on a platform which people come to for free content.



Summary : Popular subscription based site.  You can post videos of any length for free… or put them behind PTV walls.

Payout : 80% (customer is charged VAT. If you put a video behind a $10 paywall, the customer will pay $12 and you will receive 8%)
Upload Interface : Web Based. FTP not supported
Preview Gif : Provide your own if needed
Trailer : Provide your own if needed
Ease of Listing Clips : Fair.  Can be done on your wall or in a PM to all your followers.
Other features : Clip selling isn’t the main focus.  It’s more about the following you and your content/updates.
Pros : Known site. You’re targeting people who already like/follow you
Cons : It only reaches people who follow you. Someone looking to find new clips or someone to follow wouldn’t be able to find/access your clips to buy. It’s not really quite the same as opening a clip store.



Summary : Another popular subscription based site. Similar paywalls can be used to OF, or there’s a dedicated ‘clip store’ site

Payout : 80%
Upload Interface : Web based. FTP not supported
Preview Gif : Provide your own if needed
Trailer : Provide your own if needed
Ease of Listing Clips : Fair.  Can be done on your wall, in the clip store section or in a PM to all your followers.
Pros : Targeting people who already follow you.  Someone doesn’t have to follow you in order to purchase your clips
Cons : Mostly targets people who already like you.  At the mercy of your audience.



To a degree, each person will have their own preferences and needs.   There is a lot to consider in opening a clip store. This is also not an exhaustive list, there are also some niche to specific fetishes.

I generally would never recommend putting all your eggs into one basket, but I would also be wary of joining platforms for-the-sake-of-it or without a strategy.  Most sites have a minimum payout threshold and relying too heavily on passive income might take quite a while to reach payout if you’re not also promoting it or if it’s not the best platform for you.

My recommendation would be to start with one at first until you come to grips with it.  Potentially branching out if you either have the free time or someone you can outsource to.  Without wishing to turn into a sell, I have helped a few people in opening a clip store.  You can read some of my services here.

Whilst I did list some of the subscription sites and see value in selling clips via those, I feel clips listed on a dedicated clip site can reach an audience beyond your own.