A somewhat hot topic recently has been around ‘filming tributes’ and how right or fair they are.

Often the fee/payment to see a Pro-Domme or engage in some form of online (or other play) is known as the ‘tribute’.  With many also doing filming to some degree, in many cases the subs are contributing a ‘film tribute’.  The guys are paying to be there. To star in a video which is going to make the Domme money.

Many people do not feel this is fair.

Here is my insight.


Paid work for film subs still exists. It’s not quite is prevalent as it was, maybe, 20 years ago – but there have been so many changes to the adult industry (for better of for worse!) in that time which has caused a lot of that to dry up.

The flipside of this, is if you want to do filming and be in clips it’s a lot easier.

Paid filming work usually involves stricter criteria on what the sub should look like, age, build, looks, etc. and what activities will be done.  There is also a big requirement for the film sub to have a following of their own. i.e. people will buy it because they’re in it, or see their presence as some form of endorsement.

Most filming – generally, yes, you do need experience with kink but it’s a lot more loose who can apply.


Equally, the fall in paid opportunities is not linked to the rise of people paying or “doing it for free”.
At it’s simplest, there are fewer studios/producers/etc – in large due to the impact of piracy.   However of course the flip is the rise in DIY. That ladies are making and selling their own clips without the need for studios or producers.


It’s not just fetish/femdom with the whole ‘men paid to be there’ angle.

While “the men paid to be there” has been common in Femdom for most of the last decade or so, it is also creeping into mainstream.   A lot of fuck-a-fan type arrangements the ‘fan’ is often unpaid (but still has to test to industry levels and attend at their own expense – but, hey, get to fuck a porn star) or there are a lot done through raffles.  Tickets selling at £20-£50 a pop, often enough to help with the shoot costs AND gain content to sell.

Of course. Just because something is widespread, doesn’t mean it’s right or fair.

So, let’s reframe things.


Let’s look at different types of men/film subs.

1) Those who work in the adult industry

This is people who work within the adult industry to some degree. Pro or Semi Pro.  It is unlikely their only form of income is from being a ‘film sub’.  Some are pro/mainstream porn stars that will also do scenes as them in a deemed submissive role. Some offer sessions, particularly those who are bi.

There is a rise of the producer/film-sub in recent years where the guy does their own production and stars in most/all of the clips.
As well as turning up to film, they also do work behind the scenes. They would also be taking on some/all of the financial risk of the shoots.

There are likely other examples.

2) Those who film for their Mistress

That they have one lady who they regularly see and/or are in some form of relationship with and as part of this they film for them as either a perk for them, helping out their Mistress, or a bit of both.
They tend to only shoot for one Mistress unless sent/lent out.

They might do other tasks for the Mistress and any arrangement is between the two.

3) The community film subs

Probably different tiers of these. But if you end up going to a lot of shoots you’ll end up seeing a lot of the same faces who do the rounds.
Some of these are known/trusted by the Mistresses/Producers.
Some don’t always pay tribute because they are known/reliable. But the good ones often accept that tribute is part of this, for whatever reason.  Or, only apply to shoots without tribute. They get invited/accepted for those because they have a proven track record.

4) The newbie/hobbyist/would-like-to-try

They always wanted to “give filming a go” for whatever reason.  Mostly doing sexy things with beautiful women.


If you remove any other justification or logic for a tribute and present with a very simple notion like this.

“We are selling an experience”

So the people working in the industry, well, this might not be an experience they need or want.
Those who are “doing it for their Mistress” it’s an opportunity to serve and help her.
Those in the film sub community already know the benefits and the experiences.
And for the newbies and “want to try” then, this is the opportunity to try it out – but it comes with a cost.


We don’t need to argue about timewasters (who are a BIG problem) or costs and overheads (a pain, but valid in any business) or that actually the time and overheads for the Dominants and producers are considerably higher than that for the guys who just turn up, get naked and do their fetish (also a true imbalance) or anything else.

This is an experience, this is the cost.  If you do not agree with the cost, you do not partake in the experience.

While yes, there is a possibility that money will be made from the clips. This is offset with it being a discount or reduced rate on what a session would cost.  While the costs of film days are a lot more than hosting sessions.

Add in. Some dungeons/studios charge per head.  So it’s cheaper to have one sub do all the scenes than to bring in a second sub.


And it might be a bit, “OK, but you/she gets content to sell”
Absolutely. You’re right.
If you want the experience but DON’T wish for it to be filmed and on sale then book a private session. They tend to cost more.


If you also wish for content to sell then you need to be working in the industry and, even then, this doesn’t automatically mean any/every one will say yes to your proposal.

I’m humbled with how many people will shoot with me, and of course there’s some where it’s (so far) been a one off and some who we meet up regularly and so on.

But some won’t. That either I’m one too many person to share with. That they don’t believe men should profit at all. That they want more control on their content. That they prefer their current model of filming. That, simply, they don’t wish to shoot with me personally.


If you want content to sell, or paid, as a film sub – then you are going to need portfolio, references, evidence that you are legit.
If you are completely unknown then it is unlikely anyone would do ‘content trade’ with you, meaning you are going to have to
a) pay the premise/studio/dungeon hire
b) pay their rates for the time
c) pay any other crew you need

While you will then have footage you can sell – you are then going to have to find the time to edit the clips. To do associated compliance and admin.  To promote and market the content.  That this isn’t just the turn up, do your fetishes and leave. The level of work and cost is far more than the cost of a film tribute.


At it’s simplest. There is no shortcut in here.  You are either in and working in the industry with all that involves. Or, you are having the experience of being on camera for the day, which may involve paying for said experience.  Payment which does exist for many reasons, but, at it’s simplest – this is the cost.