It’s been a lot longer than planned since I last did a diary post!  So many adventures which haven’t fully gone documented, which feels a shame.

So, here are two for the price of one. January 2023 I managed two long, full, film days.

One of the covid-casualties was a gig I had been going to go to with Mx Valleycat. Heilung. I think it was rescheduled three times in the end, and then a late venue shift!

But being down in London to see the mix of tribal chant and experimental folk, it makes sense to have a film day to go with it.

It had been a little while since catching up with Goddess Cleo and Foxtress so, win/win.

The day was a big mix. It was relaxed and social, but also productive. I think the haul was 15 clips as Goddess Cleo pegged the subs in every room of the house, Foxtress made some famous beverages and expanded on some humiliation and Mx Valleycat certainly put boys to use to tend to their feet after the gig the night before!

For me, despite being the third shoot with Goddess Cleo, we had very few one on one clips, and a couple we did were highlights of the day.  This included a pegging in the toilet, and a long, sensual, foot worship scene.

The day also put Foxtress back in the lead as people who I’d done most clips with… (aside from Valleycat, who I live with, obviously 😉 )

Perhaps a little de ja vous, but the second shoot in January also included Foxtress this time with Miss Jessica Hyde.Caned To Please His Mistress 26 300x169 - Diary : January Filming - feat Goddess Cleo, Miss Jessica Hyde, Foxtress and Mx Valleycat

I was due sorting more with Miss Jessica, and we’d had problems in that a few others we’d contacted were unavailable – however, this was an opportunity itself.  I had been due to do a shoot with Miss Jessica and Foxtress in November 2021, which Miss Jessica sadly had to withdraw from – so the two finally get to work together.

This day also would begin with a landmark clip for me – the 450th I’ve appeared in!  500, here we come!

Shooting in the Peacock Parlour we made full use of the space and facilities to get a good range of clips.
Some foot worship involving predicament bondage.Some gloved breath play.Some pain testing and more.
My landmark clip was a quick boot worship scene with Miss Jessica. which is simple and to the point – while another scene had two subs tied who couldn’t move without causing pain to the other, not everything has to be elaborate.
It was nice to have some days that were easy going, low stress, productive and with good people.And that’s true for the subs and videographer as well as the Dominants!

Some links to selected clips from these days

A Heavenly Sweaty Foot Treat
Caned: To Please His Mistress
Fruity Foot Fetish Finale
You’re Better as a Boot Cleaner
Pegging in the Oven
Pathetic Dolly Fucker