“You actually asked for this?”
“Yes, Mistress”
“Meet Amelia… you may give her a kiss”

So, I did – a little kiss planted down the length of the leather.

It’d been 10 months since the idea first came about.
“Have you ever been bullwhipped?” she asked, as I was helpless over a bench.
“No, Mistress – but I’m willing to try.”
“Not today, but you will”

Each time W/we met there were discussion on this, “One day you will taste my whip”.

Well, it was today.

“God help me”
“He can’t help you, not here”

She got into position and gave some warm up snaps in the air. It sounded delightful.

In the background there was an air of chatter, conversation.

But, as the first strike hit my bum cheeks, already reeling from other implements, there was a silence.

The first strike hadn’t used the tip. It was some of the length.

It was heavy, it was hard. I crumpled to the ground.

Potentially down for just seconds. I savoured the taste.
Yes, it cut right through me, but I wanted to enjoy this. Not only because of how it felt physically, but the emotion that W/we had built up for this for so long and were finally there.

I felt concious that I’d been down for too long, that everyone would start thinking I was dead.
So, I moved back into position – and nodded my head…

“One, Mistress”

Based on a True Story….

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