For some personal reasons, I’m a little behind on my blogs at the minute.

So, here’s a little overview of a fun packed weekend I had last week, which provided a welcome distraction…

It was just one of those weekends that slotted together. Some stuff I/we wanted to do all happening in the same weekend in a similar-ish area, so made things more cost-effective tying them all together.

First up, some filming.
And, this one currently has the record in longest between first applying (December 2016!) and happening.

It was with Porcelain Beauty – and it was great day with ten clips.

I think it deserves it’s own blog, but needless to say it was an opportunity to film with someone I’ve wanted to for quite a while. There were a good mixture of activities and a couple of first times.

So, there will be more detail on this to come soon, promise!

After this, I met up with my wife, Mx Valleycat, who travelled through to Manchester and we went to see Clan of Xymox.
They’re a Goth/Darkwave band, more popular in the 80s. It’s a lovely full venue for them and some canny choice of tracks.

Over the weekend we made use of some of the hotel rooms to do a couple of cheeky clips and photo sets. Most of these were around lipstick application, but there are others also.

20170914 214003 - Diary : A Weekend in the West

One of the photos from the sets we took at the weekend

On the Saturday, it’s a ride down to Stockport.
“I hope this isn’t going to end as badly for me this time as it did last,” I joked, with Miss T.
Last time I was there was a filming day with Merciless Dominas and a cruel whipping scene with Chloe L left me marked for a month and struggling to walk for days… (luckily Miss Courtney saved the day that day, but that’s another story)

In the afternoon it’s a breath play demo and that’s something, which, while I’ve done I’ve not seen a proper demo on it and information is good. It’s also something Valleycat is interested in, so… win/win.

Two different sets of demos which were very informative. Lots of questions from the audience and while some bits I think I’d already picked up, always something to learn.

We also stayed for the evening which was pretty busy, lots of play going on. It was also a good chance for me to road test some new toys on Valleycat’s arse.
What? You’re used to me talking the other way round… the joy of switching.

A little walk back to the hotel, which was like something from the 70s, and stopping for a pizza on the way back capped off a nice weekend before having to return home.

More to follow…

PS: Sorry about the cover picture, it’s Go West, innit?