When 2022 began we were still coming off the tails of covid a lot.
There was still hope for less disruption and more optimism than in 2021, that seems to have come true.

While there certainly have been cancellations and frustrations, none of it has been through covid.  I’ve been back able to film most months, we’ve brought the munch back, and I’ve been able to attend a couple of events.
I also started a new kink based volunteer role, like I don’t do enough – ha!

So, as typical, a look over the highs and lows of my year, and a look forward to 2023.


I always start with the lows to go down and build more optimism.

I think a bit, when you look out the window at the wider world there is a lot going on which ultimately poses a challenge to kink.

A lot of folk are feeling the bite with inflation, fuel prices, etc. and the cap and discount on the energy prices drops off next year.

I think this is going to cause a problem for a lot in the kink community. Both in terms of a lot of expenses going up, and also spending power going down.

Tying in with somewhat of a low in one of my own objectives, while I did manage to do a lot of shoots this year.  Only one locally!  This is something I really hope can improve next year, I’m sure there’s mutual benefit.

Cancellations were a minimum but a shoot which, at one point, had 6 Dommes… ending up with only 3… and some changes to film subs… was chaotic.

I also did very little private play, which was a shame.

On a more personal level also.  There’s been some deaths of loved ones in the family, which has often been heartbreaking.  And beginning the year saying goodbye to my cat was, well, not how I wished to start.
Whilst all cats are babies, he’d been with me 16 years, so, there’d been a lot of ups and downs together.


Cum to the Darkside 45 300x169 - 2022 in ReviewAnd on a happier note.
16 shoots this year! Which included 90(!) scenes I’m in and a handful more I’m not but have access to use.
90 clips is more than I shot in 2020 and 2021 combined.  Helped of course, by moving through covid challenges.

Journeys that took me to London (a lot!) and some first (second, third, and forth) times filming in Walsall.
Glasgow and Milton Keynes were also visited, I’ve both been and filmed in Glasgow before – but my only previous experience with Milton Keynes was Metallica back in 1999.  That was a day and a half.

Of course this got to spend time with some old friends (Foxtress, Goddess Cleo, Miss Annaliese, Mistress Wildfire, Miss Jessica Hyde, Araneae, Roxy-Fox, Rosarosebud) some where we finally got to shoot together (Goddess Aveena, Domina Melody) and a lot of new friends along the way (Miss Bedlam, Liz Rainbow, Bettie Brickhouse, Alice – and of course – Cate McQueen)

Cate McQueen of course gets a special mention, I started the year shooting with her, and we’ve ended up doing an awful lot of scenes together this year along with a few social events together.
I was glad to see her pick up Professional Mistress’ ‘Best Newcomer’ and also a little disappointed on her behalf that she didn’t make the runners up board in the Fetish Awards.
Next time!

317231234 10167045502075335 3200253554365421846 n 300x300 - 2022 in ReviewSpeaking of the Fetish Awards, that was a lovely night.  I have a kind of love/hate with awards thingies but it was nice as a birthday night out, in the company of some of my favourite people.

I also DID make the runners up board.  Huzzah!

I am also now on the committee at SNAP where my role is to help drive more content out.  “Content” in this case being helpful articles, news, advice, and stuff.
I won’t be writing ALL of it, but in some cases my job will be kicking people to write something.
And accepting contributions to go up, encouraging people to indulge in knowledge sharing.

Other highlights included a photoshoot with Mistress Muller (I’m her twitter profile pic, yay!), sampling fire play for the first time with Tara Red and meeting ElsieMarch


I’m reading what I wrote in for the equivalent blog on this to last year, and getting some deja vous.

FTdzMefX0AAanVe 180x300 - 2022 in ReviewYes – I really do STILL need to throw gunge and mess over people!

And yep. I really want to sort more local shoots out, but I’m feeling a little lost on this and I don’t want people to come into this “for me” or anything because it is a big commitment.  So, I’d really need to find more folk actively shooting or looking to start.  And by this I don’t mean ‘pick me’ guys given I don’t do any m/m stuff. (Arguably, there is m/m I would consider – but given it doesn’t really fit my brand you’re probably gonna have to book me)

Saying this. My Q1 calendar is filling up with some exciting shoots taking shape already.
Annnd… it’s the return of the school event – so yeah, let’s see how that goes.