I was in a conference the other day and, for some bizarre reason, they closed by asking the presenters “does pineapple go on pizza?”

My thought on this was what a bizarre way to end the day – and none of the answers were pretty insightful.

But, this did inspire a thought about that question in general.

It is one that is often divisive. To the point people really will argue over fucking anything.

But, there is a simple point here.

Personally what you put on your pizza is your own business, though I probably wouldn’t want pineapple on MY pizza.

So if you want to sell, buy, eat, share, pineapple on your pizza then help yourself. However, I would prefer the choice not to have pineapple on my pizza, I am probably not going to buy the pizza with pineapple on, if we are sharing a pizza then we will need to compromise to something we both like – and – don’t add pineapple to my pizza if I’ve asked you not to.

The same, of course, applies to kink.

If someone is engaging in a kink you don’t like – you don’t have to do it.

If someone is selling something and you don’t want to buy, you don’t have to pay.

Don’t understand petplay, ABDL, findom, whatever? No problem! You don’t have to indulge. You also don’t have to criticise those who DO indulge.

Like you not wanting pineapple on pizza doesn’t mean nobody should have pineapple on pizza nor that they shouldn’t eat their pineapple on pizza in the same room as you – unless they are throwing the chunks at you, pressuring you to eat some, or getting it on your plate. Even then in the latter case you might want to let them finish their pizza before you go in to have yours.

I mean, of course – there are exceptions to the above.
Like, obviously you should call out dangerous play, or check when consent is potentially being ignored or what have you.

Just as you would make sure this pizza is cooked properly and if someone has said they don’t want a particular topping, no one is trying to hide it under the cheese or sneak it when nobody is looking. That someone who has said ‘no’ to pineapple on pizza isn’t repeatedly being asked until they give in and say yes.

Although. Worth remembering, even if you DO like pineapple on pizza, not every pizza shop is going to sell it for whatever reason.
Or someone with pizza doesn’t have to share it with you just because you both like the same pizza.

Just as, sometimes some venues/dungeons can’t permit certain kinks (whole bunch of reasons, longer discussion) or having a mutual fetish interest with someone doesn’t mean they will automatically do it with you.

Mind. If you think pineapple doesn’t go on pizza…
Banana Curry (Kungsholmen, Sweden)
Peas (Brazil)
Coconut (Costa Rica)
and Russia has a Four-Fish Pizza which is served cold.