Filming, and other opportunities, through the pandemic had been sparse.

A lot felt weird to diary about, so I didn’t, but many were low risk and low key.  Literally myself, the lady and a tripod.

Today we have a camera operator – so there’s 3 of us!

MG 8193 Edit Edit 1 200x300 - Diary : Filming with Miss WildfireI first met Miss Wildfire in October 2019 and a Multi-Mistress event in Evesham.  I knew very quickly I didn’t want this to be our last encounter, so it was lovely this could happen.   Especially at short notice.

Pings and Contract Tracing had derailed what were to be the original plans – but – it also feels like I’m spoilt for choice on who to speak to about filming at the moment – so it’s not like anyone “wasn’t a priority” or anything.

Miss Wildfire has a certain air about her.  Firm but friendly, strict but sincere.

As I walk into her playspace, IAMX is playing as background music as I see the space I’ve only seen on photos and film for the first time.
There’s so much equipment and toys in the space, that can be brought in and out to give an open feel, never clustered.

Today we manage four clips in the short time we have.  Which is really fun and really productive.

Starting with a little human ashtray clip – there’s lots of playful teasing as Miss Wildfire casts her spell amongst the smoke.

The next clip, there is a little acting to make it work, as I have to initially pretend I don’t like feet. If this doesn’t win an Academy Award…

This is wrapped up with two strap on clips.  One on the front and one on the back.  I’m a… little out of practice… but we manage to get things working, even if it is initially a little tight.

Whilst the time is fleeting, it’s wonderful to have a little catch up – and a good start to a couple of filming days.


ClipsUseful only as an Ashtray 23 300x169 - Diary : Filming with Miss Wildfire

Useful only as an Ashtray

Mesmerised to Love Feet

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