I write a lot of clip descriptions – not just for myself but for others

Now, ultimately the purpose of a description is to provide an extra selling point – both kinda describing what is in the clip but also possibly selling a little bit of a fantasy.

I was half thinking a little – that, I literally did a clip the other week where the honesty was that I’d just finished a strap on clip with Miss Annaliese and Foxtress basically was – “I want a go” and dragged me into the hall for another clip.

To back story a bit more there… I’ve obviously known Foxtress for a while and we’ve filmed a few times but never actually done strap on. When we were loosely plotting scene ideas – Miss Annaliese wanted some strap on for her store, and it made sense to do with me as I was prepped and experienced-ish

So – given I was warmed up and ready to go – it needed virtually no set up to jump into another scene.

So, I thought a little bit on that. What if clip descriptions were honest.

Like. 100% honest.

So here is an examples…

“Mistress X has decided to book a filming day as she would like some new content. She has a few ideas she wants to capture including her personal favourite activities, some fetishes she always sells well in, and some where she doesn’t have enough content of.

She’s called up a couple of her regular sub/clients and asked if they’d like to film. While two have said yes, between them they can’t quite cover everything she is after.

So. She puts out a casting.

Sub y finds this casting appealing and so, alongside other subs, applies to attend.
Sub y is accepted because he sent the most useful message and has paid the film tribute without hesitancy or grumble.

In the first of their scenes together – Mistress X is going to do some ballbusting with him. This is because they both enjoy ballbusting. He has experience and can take a lot. And she wants more of that content for her store.

They decide to make a little storyline about how it’s a new slave coming to be tested, because people love the “slave training” clips – and bang – in this clip after discussing which footwear he can take kicks by, Mistress X kicks him a few times testing out his levels with a safeword in place.

Mistress X really enjoys it because he can take a lot

Stay tuned for the next clips where Mistress X and Sub y do more scenes together they both enjoy with a storyline to sell a fantasy of – and also some new clips with her own slaves where they already know each other so can film with confidence”