So, it’s here. My own Femdom clipstore.

Who’d have thought it?

When I first started filming 3 years ago it was a little bit “Wouldn’t this be fun to do sometime”.  Things have come a little way since then.

Of course the idea of my own store drifted in and out, but it wasn’t one I really felt I’d ever do.

sirclaire facesitting 4 300x259 - So - I launched my own clip store

Facesitting… in pyjamas

The starting catalyst

I think there was one day when filming with House of Sinn, Goddess Ezada raised the suggestion. While it’d been an idea I’d been somewhat unsure of, having this encouragement from someone I respected so dearly did give me confidence.

This was echo’d a little bit from some other Ladies.

I’d been a little nervous to start it. Almost trying to talk myself out of it – “People won’t want to work with me”, “What if it doesn’t sell”, “Is it not a little wrong for me to profit from Femdom?”

And then, a little – well – I don’t really know if I try.

And. Umm.

People did want to work with me. The response has been quite humbling.

And I’ve received a lot of encouragement. Someone argued my case that if I consider and apply a moral ethos then it can be done as an additional way to promote the Ladies.

As for not selling… it’s early days. But, even in my most optimistic I’m also a realist that I know this isn’t a certain winner. But, a week in and things are ticking over quite well.

The idea – why Domestic Femdom ?

dahlia edging1 e1561311230649 300x220 - So - I launched my own clip store

Taken from Edge for Auntie with Princess Dahlia


So, the clip store is called Domestic Femdom – and can be viewed here.   What was important to me was to have something, some form of brand, that avoided being just a generic clip store.

Being active on a lot of forums, I sometimes see comments from guys that they find a lot of BDSM clips a little bit too “Mistress-y” or always in a dungeon.  I wanted to mix that up a little.  (Although, some clips *are* Mistress-in-a-dungeon; most are not.)

The type of fantasies I wanted to tap into were things like – becoming the sub to your new neighbour, BDSM within a home life, that somebody doesn’t need a fetish outfit to beat the hell out of you, so on.

A partial inspiration comes from a good friend of mine who I filmed with for her store, we used to get the same bus together (though not knowing each other!) so, maybe, that person you always notice on the bus to work… maybe she’s kinky?

Screen Shot 2019 03 20 at 21.13.34 300x167 - So - I launched my own clip store

Punishment for poor toilet cleaning with Nina Hiss

What happens next?

Some of the filming days lack associated blogs and this is something I’m going to see the best way to correct it. I did end up doing quite a lot in a short space of time; but now I’ve got content to last a good few weeks, I can take my foot off the pedal a little.

I am a little bit not entirely sure what to do next – well, obviously, proceed and keep building… but… of course keeping the content up.

There are a few exciting discussions in principle but, got to see how things shape and what gets confirmed.

It does seem a little “Pick me” but if anyone does feel working together is mutually beneficial then, of course, get in touch.

Can I do this to?

c2 foxy trample1 300x169 - So - I launched my own clip store

Trampling with Foxtress

Of course, I know there are assorted “would be” producers who crop up time to time who are, well, opportunists.

I feel what I’ve been able to achieve so far has been a product of 3 years filming experience; hands on promotion of the Ladies for around this time; a proven reputation and an understanding of the industry.

If you’re a guy sitting thinking “OK, I can do this…” well, ask yourself the questions I did first.


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