6 months in the making.
When I first met Miss Suzanna Maxwell, She captivated me in a way so few do.
What I initially treat as a “good opportunity” or “nice afternoon out” became a whole lot more as I left longing to give Her more.

c pupxyw0aaf0on - Diary : A Meeting after too long...Circumstances hadn’t always played out to make this sooner, but, pretty much the first thing I did when some inheritance money cleared was contact Her about putting this right.
Even then, with Her understandable popularity, it was 8 weeks away when W/we found a date W/we could both do!
Worth the wait? Absolutely.
W/we had seen each other in the interim, mostly at Femdom events and while I greeted Her (properly!) it still overall was not the time together I such craved.
I was curious as of if She was planting seeds when W/we met a few days previously.  Whilst not wishing to be a nuisance, I noticed She treat any slave requesting play, as part of a game, to one of my favourite activities.
I was in the two minds between wishing it was me, but knowing that W/we were seeing each other a few days later so, well, trying not to get kink envy.
“When you saw the guy at my feet, did you wish it was you?” She asked me during O/our session.  I smiled, suspicions confirmed, and admitted it was the case.
The morning hadn’t quite gone to plan.
My alarm was set for 4am, as I needed to leave the house by 6am, and while the morning was relatively stress free, this started to unravel when on a train stuck outside of Huddersfield.
Whilst I always plan with contingency, pulling into Manchester 40 minutes late missed my connecting train by about 3 minutes meaning I needed to seek an alternative route…
Of course, W/we kept in communication about the timekeeping and of course it’s not going to be held against me – but – it doesn’t help with the schedule.
Trains and Trams and Taxis…
Miss Suzanna is of course understanding to the situation – because I’d kept in touch and this helps me relax and not be too distracted or stressed.
She is a truly Majestic person.  There’s no act nor Mistress-mode, She is a naturally Dominant and Sadistic Woman.
After greeting Her, She sets to work branding Her mark on me, scratching an ‘S’ into my back.  I suspected She would do this and I am glad for it.  I won’t lie, it does feel nice, even as She presses harder to mark deeper, but while I enjoy marks to remember play, this is a lot more personal.  There is no doubt as of who did this, or why.  It’s a true Mistress-mark.
She doesn’t play mind games, but gets in Your mind.  We do 31 cane. I want 31 more. But, I do not tell Her the I want 31 more.  I don’t like caning. Why do I want 31 more? Why am I glad She is dishing another 31 of something I don’t really like?
And I know it has to be 31, because that is Her favourite number, so I know as soon as the first one strikes that it will be 31.
There’s going to be no “It looks like you’re done” on 6, or 10, or 12.  It is going to be 31.  And I want it.
“Very few people do caning or whipping because they like it,” She whispers, “They do it for their Mistress”
And this is true.
dgo7dbswsauwh83 - Diary : A Meeting after too long...

post-play selfie

I mean, there are some implements in existance that feel lovely – some floggers are like an impact massage.

The cane is not. The single tail is not.  They are nasty. What I get out of it, lovely marks to remember Her by and the satisfaction of making Her happy.
The noise from the single tail is simply lush.  Just a beautiful crack.  The sound, such a sweet, sweet sound.
It’s just, well, the sound is against me…
Before W/we begin, She asks, “Did you see the clip I did… ‘Screaming Will Not Save You’?”
I hadn’t. But I was familiar with it – and I knew what was coming.
I think this is the most vocal I’ve ever been through pain.
But, yet, no safeword. No amber. Not even a “Please Mistress, go easy”
She has me right where She wants me and is getting what She wants.
It does take me close to breaking – but as I slump and look up to Her, I can keep finding the strength to continue.
20170802 130727 - Diary : A Meeting after too long...

while it doesn’t quite give the marks the full justice, it’s mostly the S I wanted to show off

Of course, I’m focusing on the pain aspect here.  There’s also pleasure, plenty of pleasure and the rewards are generous.

The first visit to subspace in quite a while – and possibly the deepest I’ve checked in there.
W/we also do something from my limits list.  But the execution is perfect. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I confessed(?) to Her 6 months ago during a sub-frenzy that the way I felt at the time made me want to break a specific limit – and, She takes me nicely to submission, warns me She is going to do – and I go through with it with pleasure.
It’s still officially on the limits list and isn’t going to come off – but – it feels good to have done it for Her.
What is also good is that She clearly understood what I had said so long ago, so took me to the perfect state to execute it.
Next step… let’s look at making sure it’s not another 6 months….
Miss Suzanna Maxwell : http://www.miss-suzanna-maxwell.co.uk/
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