I love it when a plan comes together…

There were a few things we’d wanted to do… why not do them all in the same long weekend.

So, we did – and a weekend of vanilla fun and general kink unfolded beautifully.

img 20170812 162354 721 - Diary : Cardiff, Radio and some good old Corporal Punishment

atop Cardiff Castle

There’s little of adventure on the Friday night – bar a delayed flight to Bristol which results in arriving at the hotel in time for bed.

A large breakfast later and it’s off to Cardiff to begin the adventure.

I’ve never been to Wales before.  We’d basically wanted to catch the Dr Who Experience before it closed in September and it becomes one of our port of calls over the weekend, but that’s tomorrow.

Today, it’s a leisurely stroll around Cardiff Castle. Slight confusion when greeted by an air raid siren. We were wondering if things with Korea reached tensions while we were swanning around.

Sunday a touch more action packed with visits to the Dr Who Experience in the morning, which involved a fun little virtual tour and then a museum-y bit  – oh – and lots of playing with green screens.

A little wander to Penrath, just for shits and giggles, followed by a boat across the bay and then some hanging around the Marina (where there are other Dr Who and Torchwood Landmarks) before wandering off to get some chips and return to the hotel.

We also used some of the hotel setting to do a couple of clips. If anyone hasn’t been following the news, my wife has opened a clip store.  This doesn’t really change much else we do.

Check out what she’s done so far…

secretdraft 300x213 - Diary : Cardiff, Radio and some good old Corporal Punishment

A promo for the show

Three trains on Monday and we wind up in Worcester…  Adam from Secret102 picks us up and shows us the sights in Worcester (there are none) and shows us around the Pain Palace and studio.

A bit of a switchy afternoon as we do a few more clips first, followed by me dishing out a bit of a hiding. Candie Kitten came down to play which was also a lot of fun.

Lucky me – beating up two pretty women in one day.

A curry later and we’re into the Secret102 Studios as guests on the show. We’re picking some tunes, answering some questions and having a laugh and that.

You can download the show again to listen to here.

dgnoumpxkaassuj - Diary : Cardiff, Radio and some good old Corporal Punishment

the amazing Miss Kendal

Tuesday morning and I disappear early as I’ve an adventure of 3 trains and a rail replacement bus for a session with Miss Kendal – you can read a full version of accounts on Her website here.

Another rail replacement bus and a train sees me reunited with Valleycat/Alexandria Web at Birmingham. Here we consume expensive coffees and over priced burgers. Then we board the last train on our journey (number 11 of the weekend, 12 if you count the local Metro) before crashing home after 11pm and a whirlwind of a weekend.


I like to keep busy.