I mentioned in my blog last time that no two filming days are the same, so yet again it’s always good for a new experience.

Whilst there was a worrying doubt that the shoot today might not be able to take place, due to the camerawomen being unavailable, a little improvisation turns this into something I think W/we are glad W/we did. I’m most certainly thrilled it could go ahead.

Let’s rewind a bit.

dfh sgwxyaae8lh 243x300 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera I believe it was a Dominas Parties newsletter which first drew my attention to Ms Aleera, there was like a collage at the top of the Mistresses and I scanned along, with a few faces I recognised (even if not necessarily met) and She was someone I did not recognised.

Due to my own curiosity/nosiness I viewed Her website and started following Her on Twitter and decided that She seemed cool and interesting and I had it in my head I might like to do something with Her one day.

So, imagine my delight when She posts saying She is looking to start filming. I contacted Her pretty much immediately to see if She would be interested in working with me and, of course, I was thrilled She said “Yes”.

There’s a lot that is very exciting for me – so, an opportunity to work with someone new, who interests me, an opportunity to visit somewhere new as we’re in a dungeon I’ve never been to before and, well, the new experiences just keep coming.

Granted, a lot of this can brew nerves – but a lot of those were put to rest really easily. Ms Aleera is welcoming, friendly and well spoken.
I don’t know why, but I just felt really quickly W/we would get on and this would be a good day.

There is something about Her warmth, it’s seductive and inviting and so whilst I’m cautious not to oversell myself, I start to feel confident I can do a good job for what She needs.

W/we start discussing ideas and pretty much every one has me excited – unfortunately, W/we don’t have time to do them all, but this gives a good basis for the future.

snapshot 2 25 07 2017 19 21 300x225 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

Despite all my rage… etc.

Even just setting up for the first clip breeds excitement.

Allow me to set the scene…
There is a custom built bondage cage, which I’m sat in – pretty restrictive, I’m going nowhere.
My balls strapped with electrodes and clamped with a ball weight – and a three camera set up including cock-cam!

How amazing is that?! Cock-cam. This. This is the future!

snapshot 1 25 07 2017 19 20 300x225 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

Cock Cam!

W/we’re doing a little CBT and electro scene – and – you know, W/we are setting up, She is really helpful in checking up on me to make sure I can take this and I’m really reassured She has me in mind. It’s so nice to know that (and, it does help You be wanting to give more) and then the camera starts, showtime… and this is when everything can change.

It’s my first time doing electrics on camera. (I’ve done it in a session before, but that involved gradually increasing over an hour or so, this was just over a few minutes, so had to get intense quickly)
Some of the sensations and results were not what I expected…!


But it was such a fun clip – and – I dunno, it did hurt – of course it did. I’ve got a big weight dropping off my balls and I’m being zapped by two different electrodes doing two different things. But it’s so positive and uplifting… but painful 🙂


It’s also a good game in trust, while I don’t attempt to escape – I know I can’t – it’s futile – I’m at Her complete mercy and there’s a rush to that.

img 20170724 083655 656 300x300 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

“That’s another fine mess you got yourself into!”

A little bit predicament bondage and spitting comes next – and – W/we seem to be settling into a rough story arc. That I’m the silly slave that keeps finding myself in strange situations. Of course, quite simply this must be taken advantage of.

It just works really well, as W/we bounce off each other and there’s a little simmer of dynamic brewing up.
It’s almost a little slapstick, “You silly boy, what mess have you got yourself into now?!” which, I think is a little bit different. Different is good.

Time runs away from U/us a little bit so there’s only time for one more scene this time, a little whipping and caning.

img 20170725 wa0001 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

The beautiful whip W/we used

I hadn’t seen the whip before W/we used it, which is unusual for me – because I like to know to make sure I’m confident I can take it. So, it showed I had some trust in Her. In my mind it was going to be stingy and horrible and cut me to bits. It was actually quite a thuddy sensation with some interesting sensations depending on how it lands. This was followed by a sharp caning and then it’s sadly time for U/us to depart.

The time just went so quickly.
However, I feel it was a wonderful introduction to a wonderful person.  I’m already extremely excited towards O/our next meeting. I wonder what situations She will find me in next time…?

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snapshot 3 25 07 2017 19 22 150x150 - Diary : Filming With Mistress Aleera

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