“It’s been a while,” I wrote on Twitter
“What,” replied Miss Kitty Bliss, “Sploshing or spending the day with me?”
“Both,” I replied.

I mean actually, the last time I spent the day filming with Miss Kitty Bliss, September 2016, was before I started doing some of these diary posts.
And Sploshing….

750x562 hox 1 300x279 - Diary : Sploshing with Miss Kitty BlissI guess it depends on what level it needs to be to be constituted as Sploshing. The Boot Camp clip in Berlin got a bit messy and there’s been a couple of food smushing clips I’ve done….
Oh, and the Splosh games, obviously….

But, it’s something that I’ve not really been involved with properly for years – and I used to be very involved.

Now, it’s actually an activity where I prefer to be the one messing the other – so, I think today worked in my head because I saw it as Femdom-y rather than Splosh-y

The seeds for this did actually get sown when W/we first met – I mentioned it was an interest and it’s something She used to film but hasn’t for a while and wanted to get back into.
So, when Miss Kitty Bliss announced a couple of Sploshing days I was all over it. The deal as well…. FREE sessions in exchange for doing filming and just bring your own ingredients.

Splosh can well be quite an expensive activity. I spent £30 on the items I brought which did 3 clips then gone forever. If I’d bought a flogger for £30 it’d last quite a while. But still, £30 for a fun afternoon? Bargain.

I ended up bringing, two large 5l premixed bottles of Gunge from Messy Supplies. I think if W/we were to repeat the day I’d bring powders as easier to carry and works out cheaper. The premix was convenient though.
36 eggs. 4 litres of custard. 12 cupcakes.

I also brought a couple of outfit choices. Trying to get a balance between what I could carry, what I could ruin and scenario options without trying to limit what we could do.
“If we count naked as an outfit, I’ve unlimited outfit choices,” I joke… not expecting I will end up naked.

We do three clips. I think all also kind of work as having a potential to build on in the future if W/we decided to.

Scenario 1 involves the cupcakes, an unwinnable question and answer quiz which involves punishments for incorrect answers. The cupcakes are all filled to add to sticky surprises.

Scenario 2 involves stuffing pants with eggs and custard

Scenario 3 is a grand slam big finish, brighting up my doomy Goth aesthetic with some brightly coloured gunge. There’s not an inch of my body not covered by the end, it’ll be very arty

EYEM 300x169 - Diary : Sploshing with Miss Kitty BlissAnd, you know what, although I look solemn and suffering in the videos – it was a good fun day. I enjoyed it very much, although I do want to get back onto the messing up others side of things (2018 goals…)

So, a fun but sticky day – although I do feel I was carrying slime up my bum half way across London afterwards.
No matter how hard you try, you can never get it *all* out…

Since writing this, Miss Kitty Bliss has announced further Splosh Film Sessions. The deal has changed slightly, that while still BYOI – a refundable £25 deposits needs to be paid up front, returned once filming is completed.

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