I was going to write a blog on Sploshing a while ago, but it fell by the wayside.
Now seems a good time as I’ve had conversations about it with a few different people recently, possibly just a perfect storm between the recent Splosh games – newcombers going “ooh, what is this” and in one case, an idea stemmed from a creepy PM she received.
Sploshing can often be referred to as WAM (Wet and Messy) and – generally does not involve wee or poo or semen (But it can.).   It can be anything from water (mostly in wetlook), food stuffs, mud or slime/gunge (yes, that stuff from Saturday Morning kids TV…)

dscn0489 - What is... Sploshing ?

my lovely smiling face after I took a lost bet gunging…


I feel a lot of people into do not see it as sexual, a kink or a fetish – just as fun.  Likewise it can be something which can be daft fun or can be deeply humiliating.

Splosh tends to have it’s own community, so while plenty of people into Splosh are into BDSM – there are a lot that are not. So, some of the Splosh boards on Fetlife are often fairly quiet with discussions more likely on the UMD.
I’m not massively sure what the UMD is like these days as I seldom go on.  I can’t remember specifics but I do seem to remember it becoming less discussions and more advertising and a lot more advertising from sites that appealed to me less.  But then again, discussion wise, there’s only a finite amount of questions can be gone through!

(See also : the foot boards on Fetlife!  There’s always the same questions “What is your favourite colour nail polish?”, “What do you like most in a foot?”, “Clean/dirty/smelly?”, “Tattoos/Jewellery/none?”, “Whyyyyy is there prejudiced against my fetish?!” and of course every summer all the creepers “yay, toes are coming out!” alongside many other threads on entitlement)

Anyway. Enough on feet. Splosh.
One of my favourite comments on Splosh comes from someone years ago pinpointing the general difference between Splosh in the UK and in the US – and I think this difference in itself can help explain the variety.
The UK tends to go for a more fun or tit for tat approach, traditional slapstick.  A lot of clips get built around quizzes or game shows or anything like that and it’s usually a laugh.
The US tends to go often for a “stuck up bitch gets brought down” kind of approach, but then, they’ll often have the sweet lovely girl humiliated by a nemesis or some such.
Obviously despite these overarching differences, elements fly around all over the place.
When it comes to food stuff, things like custard, cream, cake – sweet stuff – is usually a lot more pleasant to use than savoury – if we start with say beans, spaghetti and gradually get more minging… mushy peas, brown sauce, porridge, chunky vegetable soup, tomato soup, cooking oil, pasta sauce…. it feels less pleasant and a lot of these stink.
stephgug - What is... Sploshing ?

Steph gets a humiliating savoury gunging from Gunked Up Girls

So of course there are of clips that do things like “lovely woman gets rank gunging” or again, a twist on the quiz where it’s sweet for right or savoury for wrong…

But with anything like this, it can be as fun or as bad as you want.  A daft fun food fight, or a smelly and messy destruction of someone.
And then of course, I mentioned gunge above.
The most common from most game shows etc is made from Natrosol.   There are assorted variations, but that’s usually where it’s at.  It sounds like a dangerous corrosive chemical – but it’s not haha – it is used in many household items also, it’s a thickening agent in wallpaper paste or used to bind some paints, it can also be found in hair conditioner and toothpaste among other things.

There’s also Methycellulose (I’m not massively sure on the difference – but sure most my experience is with Natrosol) and also Xanthan which has a more ‘gum’ texture to it.

jncporridge - What is... Sploshing ?

A cheeky porridge moon from JnC

There’s lots of great things about gunge – it can work out pricey, all told, but is in theory reusable (I saw an amazing system at the Splosh Games where the bottom of the tank was drained into a container below and reused) it can often be bought pre-mixed or you can buy powders yourself a lot cheaper (but this does involve mix, prep, set up and can be a faff)
It’s actually not bad to clean up, but can be hazardously slippy.  Certainly rinses away well in a bath or shower and clothes clean nicely in a washing machine.  A lot of foam does get kicked out, mind!
What I personally like can vary.  It is actually something where I prefer to give than receive.
In clips, I prefer either people having a laugh and a bit fun if it’s people who are into it having a bit fun, I tend to enjoy it but not find it sexual – or humiliating gungings where it doesn’t feel so staged.
But it’s quite difficult to pin point. There’s some stuff I don’t enjoy but should.
I tend to prefer scenarios where it’s either contestants who’ve agreed to a risk, or “people who are really into it” rather than what a lot of websites do which is hire models.  Not, of course, that I have any problem if that is what sells – it’s just a little less for me.
jnc - What is... Sploshing ?

an aerial view of JnC in a gunge tank

And it doesn’t have to be sexual with me, I’m not sure if that was something I’d be concerned about at the Splosh game, but it was just proper good fun and – well – I could play Strip or Slime without the embarrassment of an erection!

Now.  Sploshing was also one of my first acknowledged fetishes – as I say, it was from fun, I’m the cliche of often enjoying gungy gameshows – and I think when I was (almost) 18 and discovered the shady world of the internet and I stumbled and found this was a fetish and even though it wasn’t (initially) sexual to me it was good to see people having fun.

stephgug2 - What is... Sploshing ?

Steph from Gunked Up Girls doesn’t look too impressed!

I did, for a bit, run a Splosh website with my ex-wife and a couple of others.  Moments of it was brilliant – it’s just a shame my camera was, upon reflection, poor.  I’d not really been involved massively since we divorced.  Other exes, it either didn’t get broached or weren’t interested.  Valleycat gave it a try, bless her, but it’s not for her.
When I joined Fetlife – and now – this is an interesting one – I think I had 2 or 3 lads asking about play and… well… it’s weird innit. Although I’ve just said it can be non-sexual and fun, I don’t feel I’d get much out of playing with a bloke (mind, I did play with blokes at the Splosh Games and had fun, but, yeah, I took that as getting into the spirit and my following comments will make sense) and I think most of the guys couldn’t accomodate – so we’d need to book a hotel, take all the mess stuff there, set up, splosh, clean up – for something I wouldn’t get much out of… oh… and who is *paying* for all of this?!  So, I think it was different in the spirit of a party.
So, I dunno. I’m not fishing and I’ve already had a couple of hypothetical discussions but absolutely, I’m more interested in playing M/f… or m/f… or F/m (possibly…) than M/m or m/m I’m afraid.  But… I dunno, it all depends on the set up and context.
Anyway, in the nature of sploshing… I’ll finish with a video from when I lost a gunge bet to Valleycat. Yes, I seem whingy… a ha – I know… Like I say – I definitely prefer to give than receive, haha
Although there are probably too many great websites to list, some of my favourite sites and producers include..
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