There’s been a rise recently in Premiem Content playforms, by that I mean stuff like OnlyFans, Premium Snapchat and a few other bits popping up here and there.
Inevitably, this has led to a rise in disapproval in them, be this from those outspoken against them, or those frustrated content they want is behind a paywall.

For those frustrated.
That’s the point.

The point is you’re suppose to have content you want dangled in front of your face til the point you give in and pay.

For those outspoken against, I’m guessing you feel that content should be shared for free – in which case, I would stand back and question if you’re coming across a little entilted (spoiler alert : you are)
Consider that in most cases the women/creators are either (a) producing extra content for Premium (b) packaging up other things like photo collections or videos to create a deal – i.e. these sets would normally cost you $5-$10 each, but you can have access for a month to many for just $10-$15… so, if the premium service didn’t exist, the content probably wouldn’t anyway.

And, yeah, look, I support anyone looking at ways to diversify how they make income. It’s sensible business. They’re certainly not getting anything from the tube sites that rip them off.

To be honest. This is an old product re-packaged for a current climate.

I mean, it’s a current tech version of subscription websites. You’re enticed in with little teasers and pay your money.  You renew or cancel accordingly depending on if you like the value. Alternatively, maybe you take what’s there and leave, then come back every 6 months and repeat.

I don’t see this as much difference for either a seller or buyer, it’s just more modernised with technology.

Subscription services are less convenient for most buyers, especially in our instant-access generation.

A little notification in your phone saying someone has sent you a naughty picture.
A social media feed which is just all the content in one convenient flow.

That’s more appealing in this day and age and the logic is the same.

And yes, it is meant to be in your face there are updates you can’t see.

But, that in itself – tells you there are updates.

Personally. I started to think a little that for me to follow even just a sample of those I’d most be interested in that we’re heading towards maybe £100 a month.
Which I haven’t really got. I mean, £100 a month I’d rather use on a session every 3 months.

That’s simply because that is my priority. But, that doesn’t mean my outlook is wrong. Ifollow a couple of people on Onlyfans and have let other subscriptions lapse. I may well take renew these in the future.

I have seen a couple of women mull if they should get an OnlyFans any my views are very simple and this logic applies to any other platform also.
How much work do you need to put in vs what will you get out?

Consider paywall platforms are to reward subscribers and offer little in value for your own self-promotion. So, it’s an extra profile to manage.
I guess it might be you do have a platform that isn’t working for you, so time spent on a dead end can be switched attention.

It may be there are some people who like what you do who are happy to pay just to support someone they like. Given a lot of the premium platforms have someone in the backend taking a commission, it’s a better deal for both the buyer and seller to just sort a monthly payment into your bank account.

If you are making people frustrated they can’t see your content, you’re probably doing it right.
Remember that subscribers will often not renew regardless of what you do, but keeping people interested boosts chances of new subscribers or returning subscribers.

It’s a potentially good sideline.

Just, don’t expect 100 subscribers. Half a dozen to a dozen at $10-$15 per month is $60-$180 per month less commission… and that’s feasible. Some whom are known/established may hit more, someone newer may need to put work in.

I appreciate that my bias here is around Onlyfans – but the logic applies to any premium service. It’s a good way to diversify income. But, it’s going to take work and effort to gain and maintain followers. Assessing how worthwhile this is to you and for it not to get in the way of the core things that make money.

One thing to of course remember is eggs and baskets. While I support the idea of Premium Services – a policy change could derail Kik or Snapchat… Follow+ was similar to OnlyFans and that’s gone now. There’s still the big hangover of the potential incoming porn laws and how complience changes what services can do.

So, like I say, a sideline, a supplementary income to your main earning source is good if you feel the balance (work>reward) is OK.

PS : This has nothing to do with horses, I just wanted a title for my blog.