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2022 – in Video and Film

At it’s simplest in numbers.
In 2022 I did 16 film days, doing a total of 90 clips with 20 different people.
Landmarks among the way included filming the 400th clip I’d been in.

It’s been a ride, and so a little look back at each month.

2022 in Review

When 2022 began we were still coming off the tails of covid a lot.
There was still hope for less disruption and more optimism than in 2021, that seems to have come true.

While there certainly have been cancellations and frustrations, none of it has been through covid.  I’ve been back able to film most months, we’ve brought the munch back, and I’ve been able to attend a couple of events.
I also started a new kink based volunteer role, like I don’t do enough – ha!

So, as typical, a look over the highs and lows of my year, and a look forward to 2023.


Sometimes, for whatever reason, clips do not sell.

Even some of the most successful producers and creators have had some that did not shift (or did, but massively underperformed).

It’s not a sign of failure, or that the clips were bad (because someone would have to have bought the clip to think it was bad!) but there could be many factors.

Twitter Concerns : You’d Be Foolish to not look at alternatives

When the news first broke of Elon Musk’s planned takeover of Twitter I had concerns.

My concerns were simple.  A lot of change can be bad.  Tumblr had always been quite happy with adult content, and then following a takeover – it was quickly banned.

But also, this is a person who gave no reassurances to the adult industry (or pretty much any other industry!) that they would have nothing to worry about.
Instead, a lot of talk around reinstating “free speech”.

I can understand the want for optimism.  But, I’ve felt a lot of concerns have been waived away, and I don’t want things to end in panic if the platform is suddenly lost.

10 Tips for Multi Camera Editing

I prefer to have a camera operator/videographer but this isn’t always possible (even when possible – an additional angle has benefits) and so sometimes positioning all available cameras/phones/etc has good results.

I want to share tips and pitfalls of multi camera editing

Are you a vampire sub?

I’d been talking to a friend the other day.  She has been dating and looking for a kinky partner.   Although she is a switch, though it is not important to her that a partner would satisfy this.

She recently met a guy she really liked. Turned out he was into sissy play, which was not a dealbreaker for her.   But they didn’t last very long.

The problem was that she found him exhausting.  That meetings and interactions with him left her feeling drained and tired.  That, of course, she was very happy to help him explore sissy play, but largely that’s all that conversations were.

What is a Simp? And is it a bad thing?

One term that gets bandied about a lot recently is ‘Simp’.
It’s one of those where the original meaning has been claimed into a fetish and also thrown around as an insult by those who’ve lost the meaning.

So, let’s dive.

What is a Simp?

How to Build a Sex Room : Review

I just finished ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ on Netflix and this is my review.

First off. Any form of positive representation of kink or sex is a good thing.
And most of it was a positive representation.

10 Tips for a Content Share Shoot

Content share shoots are extremely common.
In these two (or more) performers/creators/whatever-we’re-called-this-week come together and pool resources, share workload, and split costs in order to produce clips.
The collaborative approach is also often a way to be introduced to someone else’s fanbase, which can give a publicity boost.

However, content share shoots can also be a source of frustration. For example if someone feels that what they got out of the day wasn’t representative of what they put in, or confusion over the release of clips.

There are also a lot of inexperienced chancers who try to gain kink or sex under the guise of “content share shoot”.

My following tips and suggestions are non-exhaustive.  But, should help create a successful shoot.

Making Clips : Don’t Fix it All in the Edit

One of the most important bits of advice I will give to anyone who is making clips is… the more you get right when shooting, the cheaper it is to edit.

Editing software is amazing, and there are so many cool features available on home computers, and even apps, which can edit, enhance or correct your clips.

I won’t say it can’t work miracles, because it can.
There are restored TV shows where someone filmed the TV screen with a projector and recorded the sound with a tape recorder in front of the TV that someone has been able to completely clean up and release as remastered and rediscovered episode.

So if someone can do that, they can get rid of the noise from the fan you left on, brighten the poorly lit room you shot in, get rid of the rubbish you left on the side, blur out a sub’s face who forgot his mask AND fix your make up – right?

The Problem With Limits – They’re Not Exhaustive

One of my favourite stories about consent, limits, and communication sums up some of my general feelings about the problem with ‘limits’ sometimes.

The story goes.

A shibari specialist was offering play and doing demos involving a queue of volunteers.
If you are good at rope, there’s rarely a shortage of people wanting to try or play.

Some people just wanted to be tied and suspended. Some also wanted a little play. If you are suspended then any form of sensation play can be fun – wax play particularly.

Diary : Messtival and Filming with Roxy-Fox and Araneae

It’s been a while since I did a diary post (or blog in general, sorry!) but this is one with so much adventure it feels like it shouldn’t be left out.

There is a lot of back story, so this might take some pulling together.

In 2019 there was an event called Messtival organised by Penny Banks.
Messtival was a film festival, and awards event, for splosh films.

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