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Diary : Filming with Fetish SINema

I feel I’ve been a bit lax in doing the diary posts for some of the filming days and so wanted to get back on it.

I think part the problem was I was doing a lot of filming very bundled together in a short space of time. I’m not sure.

So. 2019 finished on a high with a filming day with Devon Breeze and Princess Organa to the extent that I walked out thinking “yeah, I can be done for the year – I’m happy with that”

It was almost 2 months later before my next filming day – which was filming with Miss Kendal for Fetish SINema.

UK Fetish Awards / I’m up for two awards

So.  April sees the first UK Fetish Awards and I’m pleased to say I’m nominated for 2 different awards.

– Best Fetish Blog –
– Best Fetish Producer –

Now – clicky the links and you can vote for me (and you can vote once per day) but I’m gonna talk a little bit more here.

Sex work is a luxury, not a right

There’s something important that easy to forget about the industry and lifestyle in general.  Sex work is a luxury.

Access to it is a luxury; not a right.

Your needs in life are food, water, shelter.

Even if you move up the hierarchy of needs; sex, kinks and fetishes are not on there.

The pitfall of ‘personal responsibility’

I think something I want to make as a point is that sometimes how you respond to an incident or allegations can often say as much about you as the actual incident or allegation.

So if, for example, there’s a high profile sexual assault case and you start picking apart the victims story (which simultaneously complaining about ‘trial by social media’) what this does is it tells your friend, family, clients, customers, so on that you would do the same with them.

From a lot of this; one buzz phrase I think is overused and irresponsible is ‘Personal Responsibility’.

Within the kink and fetish scene in particular a lot of things are not black and white.

Ask not what your Dominant can do for you; ask what you can do for your Dominant

I feel that in a couple of recent posts [including my recent blog post] and some comments I’ve made on social media that, there’s things I’ve implied that take away from somewhat of a core message.

Without wishing to defend myself too much; I find a big problem is trying to keep blogs down from being epic opuses, when there’s so many branch points off.

But, not just me – there’s something many others are missing, forgetting, or not always relaying…

So – subs, would be subs, slaves and would be slaves.

The most important message you should constantly be drilling through your head is…
Ask not what your Dominant can do for you; ask what you can do for your Dominant.

Does my Domme really like me, or is it purely financial?

This is a blog I think a number of conversations and more has led me to write; but it’s arguably controversial.

“Does she really like me, or is it purely financial?”

Oh. OK.

I suppose a counter argument could be from a Dominant, “Does the sub really like me or the fantasy of me? The fetishes? So on”

To me
The real questions you should be asking are:
Am I enjoying myself?
Am I happy with how things are going?

Top Posts of 2019

In previous years I’ve retweeted out some of my most read blogs of the year, but this time I thought I’d put them all in one link.

There’s been a mixed bag of the educational, the funny and the diaries… so, a good chance to catch up on some you may have missed.

2019 in review

Re-reading my 2018 review I couldn’t help but get a sense of de ja vous.

Initially, I’d tried and failed to write a 2019 write-up I was happy with.
That, as I’m sure most people will know, I find it important to be open, honest and authentic.
Presenting “everything is wonderful” ignores some of the bad times and struggles and sometimes glosses over emotions.

Mistress Profiles : The Foxtress

Based in London, She is the London Switch Bitch.

She’s involved in a whole bunch of stuff – including the DVS network and Domina Parties. She recently launched her own clip stores.

Satire : sub learns that doing exactly what he wants to do isn’t submission.

GoodSub231 is currently recovering from shock after realising that doing exactly what he wanted was not submission.

“I’d been struggling to convince people on my local scene that I would be a good sub,” he explains, “So… ha… I had this idea.  I thought if I paid a local Pro for a bit – I could prove I was a good sub to others”

It had seemingly been going well for him.  Every few weeks he was paying for a session, just an hour mind – with the lady with the lowest tribute he could find – and going through his fetishes and being told he was a good sub.

Satire : Sub shocked to find he just had to book a session.

Sub shocked to find he just had to book a session.

After spending a year or so wasting his time and everyone else’s writing shit like “I’ll do anything to be at your feet Mistress xxx” on everything from promo posts to sales posts to personal posts, a sub was shocked to find he just had to book a session.

Mistress Profiles : Ms Aleera

Ms Aleera.
Based near London, She is the Queen of the Wolves.

She has worked with many great people – as part of Domina Parties but also through events like the Domme Retreats. She also has her own wolf pack.

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